Your Budget

The Best Commercial Audio/Visual System for Your Budget!

The following is a list of ten (10) questions that you should ask any professional sound or video contractor that you would consider utilizing to best fit your needs and your budget.

  1. Do you have a fully qualified staff for design, engineering, installation and service?
  2. Do you have an extensive, up-to-date list of satisfied clients that I can contact, at random, for references?
  3. Has your company been involved in the professional sound and video business for more than five (5) years?
  4. How many projects of this type have you successfully completed in the past year?
  5. How long is your warranty period? What does it cover and does it include free loaner equipment?
  6. What is your average response time to a field service call?
  7. Do you provide instruction and manuals for your completed system?
  8. Are you fully insured for liability and workmen’s compensation, and for what dollar amount?
  9. Is your price complete for a comprehensive and functional system without extra charges?
  10. Do you offer a complete yearly service maintenance agreement to extend the warranty of the system?

The previous ten (10) questions will provide information that you, the potential sound and video system purchaser, must know before making any final decisions. Without the answers to these questions your investment may be lost.

We are here to answer any questions, and will work with your needs & your budget to provide the best possible A/V system.

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