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Faubourg Restaurant and Bar Case Study

About the Client

Faubourg Restaurant and Bar is a Modern, French Brasserie in Montclair, NJ that opened in early 2019. This restaurant features French inspired fare with a full bar in a sophisticated bi-level, indoor and outdoor space with two private dining rooms. CSAV Systems provided a custom, fully equipped audio/visual system throughout the entire bar, restaurant, private party rooms, and outdoor space.

Industry Served – Hospitality: Restaurant and Bar

faubourg restaurant and bar in montclair
Planter speakers help to provide consistent sound coverage throughout the entire restaurant, while also being aesthetically pleasing!
Planter speakers help to provide consistent sound coverage throughout the entire restaurant, while also being aesthetically pleasing!

The Challenge

From inception, there was a vision for what the “look” and “feel” would be of Faubourg. The owners of this French Brassiere were working with a blank canvas to create and build their ideal French restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey.

Before opening the doors to the public, Faubourg Restaurant had to complete many different tasks, involving various vendors. CSAV Systems had the capability to provide an all in one solution for Faubourg as opposed to them dealing with different vendors for various A/V related aspects.

CSAV Systems’ challenge was to design, install and integrate various sound and video systems to meet their needs and enhance the overall experience of their restaurant.

The Solution

CSAV Systems provided sound and video systems for Faubourg Restaurant including: 5-Zone Audio System, Denon Media Player, Volume Control Wall plates, Surveillance Systems, Monitor, Speakers, Point of Sale Wire Runs, and Wireless Access Points. CSAV Systems designed, implemented and integrated the following systems:

a. 5-Zone Audio System – The multi-zone audio systems allows for different audio to be played in 5 different areas of the restaurant (outdoor seating area, main dining room, two private dining rooms and bar).

b. Denon Media Player – This technology gives capability to play music from CDs, mp3, AUX, AM/FM, USB and Bluetooth.

c. Volume Control Wall Plates – CSAV Systems provided volume control wall plates in each room, which gives the restaurant managers the ability to control the audio systems through the wall plates or via smartphone or iPad.

d. Surveillance Camera System – CSAV Systems installed ten indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, which allows for employees to always keep an eye on their employees, customers and restaurant. Having quality surveillance systems was a top priority for Faubourg. The surveillance systems installed by CSAV Systems, gives managers the ability to watch surveillance footage on their phone or remote viewing.

e. Monitor – Customers can have the ability to display presentations or show picture slideshows during a special event. CSAV Systems installed a high-definition monitor with a HDMI plate, so that customers or employees can easily plug-in their laptop for presentations.

f. Speakers – Installing speaker systems in plants throughout the restaurant is a unique placement that allowed for music to be heard clearly throughout all areas, while making the location of the speakers be discreet.

Ceiling recessed speaker system enhancing the atmosphere at Faubourg Restaurant
Ceiling recessed speaker system enhancing the atmosphere at Faubourg Restaurant

Additional Solutions We Provided for Faubourg:
a. 40 Point of Sale Wire-Runs – CSAV Systems wired printers, phones and POS machines.

b. Wireless Access Points – Similar to Wi-Fi Hotspots, CSAV Systems set-up wireless access points in order to expand guests’ Wi-Fi connectivity.

Recessed speakers in the dining room of Faubourg Restaurant
Recessed speakers in the upper dining area of Faubourg Restaurant.

The Outcome

CSAV Systems was responsible for providing a wide range of A/V solutions, specific to Faubourg Restaurant. CSAV Systems offered custom-designed, installation, wiring, integration and training to all these sound and video systems that were implemented into the new French Restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey.

The audiovisual systems depicted quality solutions that complimented the decor of the restaurant and were user-friendly. The team of Engineers, Technicians, and Sales at CSAV Systems were able to put together a sound and video system plan that would meet Faubourg’s goals and enhance the overall experience of the New Jersey Restaurant.

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