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Corporate Facilities

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Are your presentations being clearly seen and heard?

Do you have the technology to execute seamless meetings and presentations?

Does the audience feel the full impact of your media?

Corporate offices can range from general meeting spaces, training rooms, board rooms, and state of the art conference centers, to cafeterias, exhibit spaces, fitness centers, control rooms, and lobbies. No matter what your needs are, we will work to find a system that works best for your corporate space.


Solutions We Offer Corporate Spaces

  • Audio/Visual Systems for Conference and Training Rooms
  • Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing Systems
  • Large Screen Projection Systems
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots
  • Motorized Shades
  • Background Music
  • Paging Systems
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Wireless Control Systems
  • LED Video Display Panels
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Sound Masking for Privacy

Further Details..

  • Audio/Visual Systems for Teleconferencing and Training Rooms: Provide all employees with the opportunity to give exceptional presentations to clients, and a stimulating learning environment for trainees with quality custom audio and video.
  • Videoconferencing Systems: Increase meeting productivity, communication and efficiency by reaching employees who do not work in the same office location. Having videoconferencing in your corporate office can make it possible for employees and clients to feel as if they are fully present in meetings. Videoconferencing can save your company valuable time and money
  • Large Screen Projection Systems: Client presentations, boardroom meetings, and employee training sessions have the ability to be enhanced and well received by all when presenting them on a larger scale
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors: Enable all employees to be able to present information and lead brainstorm sessions on a larger scale with their clients, and other employees to see and interpret
  • WiFi Hot Spots: Make sure that all employees and clients who need access to  WiFi are able to connect their devices by adding WiFi hot spots to different locations throughout your corporate space
  • Motorized Shades: Motorized shades can be controlled by touch-panel or remote for hard to reach windows in the office to enhance presentation visuals by adjusting lighting
  • Background Music: Add a custom sound system to your facility to play music through specific areas in the building
  • Paging Systems: Make sure all employees can easily communicate with each other with an effective paging system
  • Interactive Digital Signage: Display information in different areas of your building with various examples of things happening in your company that your employees can touch and interact with
  • Wireless Control Systems: Using integrated A/V technology can be made easier to use with the addition of wireless control systems
  • LED Video Display Panels: Present important company announcements to employees on quality video display panels
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Keep employees and company assets safe by having a video monitoring system customized to your facility installed
  • Sound Masking for Privacy: Give employees some privacy in the appropriate places in your company by adding sound masking

Having an integrated audio and video system that works seamlessly in corporate environment is very important. CSAV Systems is here to help your facility to continue to advance into the future.

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Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals

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Do you wish to improve productivity and streamline training?

Are your patients able to view images and results in high definition?

Is the overall patient experience at your facility enhanced by your media?

Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and Medical Offices often have specialized audio/visual requirements. A/V Systems are often installed in lobbies, auditoriums, training and conference rooms, boardrooms, Emergency Rooms and Medical Simulation Laboratories. CSAV Systems can help to design and install products that will help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Solutions We Offer for Healthcare Spaces

  • Audio Visual Systems for Conference and Training Rooms
  • Videoconferencing and Teleconferencing Systems
  • Large Screen Projection Systems
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors
  • Motorized Shades
  • Background Music
  • Paging & Intercom Systems
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Wireless Control Systems
  • LED/LCD Video Display Panels
  • Video Surveillance Systems

Further Detail..

  • Audio Visual Systems for Conference and Training Rooms: Conference and training rooms in all variations of medical facilities and hospitals need to be well equipped with quality audio and video technology to give proper training and hold efficient staff meetings
  • Videoconferencing and Teleconferencing Systems: Allow all medical staff personnel to be able to see and and speak with other important staff members who are at different locations
  • Large Screen Projection Systems: Whether it be for presenting patients with a fun movie to watch, or presenting new information during a staff meeting, a large screen projection system has the ability to transform your facility 
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors: Be able to provide entertainment for patients and their families, or give staff an opportunity to train/present information to colleagues with ceiling mounted projectors
  • Motorized Shades: Control shades and adjust the lighting in patient rooms, or other rooms throughout your medical facility with touch-control panels or a remote
  • Background Music: Enable music to play throughout specified areas in your healthcare facility by installing a custom designed sound system
  • Paging & Intercom Systems: Make sure all of the staff in your medical facility is able to quickly and efficiently get into contact with one another 
  • Interactive Digital Signage: Give patients, visitors, and medical staff a new visual way to access and interact with pertinent information in a specified area of a medical building
  • Wireless Control Systems: A healthcare facility has a lot of different audio and video technology throughout the building; make using integrated audio and video systems easier to use with a wireless control system
  • LED/LCD Video Display Panels: Provide entertainment on high-quality video display panels that meets the needs of your facility in specified procedure rooms, lobbies, and patient rooms
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Protect patients, staff, and medical equipment by helping your security team keep a sharp eye on everything with up-to-date video surveillance cameras and video surveillance systems

Hospitals, nursing homes/assisted living facilities, and all other types of medical offices and healthcare facilities are essential to taking care of people who live in the surrounding areas. CSAV Systems is here to help your medical facility run as smoothly as possible.

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Medical Simulation Labs

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How realistic are your simulations?

Are your debrief recordings clear in sound and video?

The proper mix of sound, video & intercom components is vital to the success of any simulation theater
CSAV Systems custom designs systems so that the operation of medical simulation labs are both user-friendly and efficient.

Medical Simulation Labs for education and training needs the support of sound & video technologies to provide proper oversight and review of medical personnel in these critical applications and situations. Cameras, monitors, controllers, and recorders are all an integral parts of any training environment. CSAV Systems has custom designed innovative Audio and Video interface equipment to enhance the training experience in medical simulation environments.

Unique Audio and Video Needs

Debrief rooms and remote classroom applications also have unique audio and video needs. CSAV Systems has created innovative systems to allow live view, streaming, recording and remote playback in a variety of areas for hospitals, universities and other medical training centers. Always on the cutting edge, CSAV Systems searches the market and blends their experience with new technologies to enhance training with a strong focus on the medical simulation field. Each simulation action can be recorded, studied, replayed and logged to give learners every opportunity to evaluate each simulation experience, to see where there is room for improvement. Both audio and video can be integrated with mannequin data to form a single, fully annotated debrief log.


The greater the ability to share simulation activities and learning events, the more effective the results will be. With proper audiovisual integration, you will have the ability to stream the recorded experience to show where proper technique needs to be improved at an exact point in the simulation. Sharing this data with other students improves the ability to teach these proper techniques.


Our Audio and Video systems are designed to maximize every debriefing experience to improve critical life-saving skills. Effective debriefing is a crucial part of learners’ progress and evaluation in a simulation-based learning environment.

We work with: Laerdal Technologies


Facilities We Work With

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Medical Tech Labs
  • Delivery Training Rooms
  • Surgical Suite Classrooms
  • ER Training Centers

Properly trained and regularly tested medical staff at all levels are necessary to keep people safe and healthy. From the most basic procedure to an extreme emergency situation, medical staff needs to be ready for anything. Having a state of the art medical simulation lab for new students, new employees, and experienced employees is imperative, because they need the experience to be as close as it can be to feeling like a real life situation. Give your students and faculty the chance to continue to learn and thrive in tough critical situations by aiding them with audio/visual integration to your medical simulation training facility.

CSAV Systems is here to work with your organization to create, or update your medical simulation lab to exceed your expectations.

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Churches & Houses of Worship

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  • Presbyterian-Church27.0
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Are the words of the Lord heard by everyone sitting in your congregation?

Do you have members who are hearing impaired?

Are your presentations seen and heard clearly?

CSAV Systems has worked with Houses of Worship of all shapes and sizes for years. From modern buildings, to new construction or existing house of worship facilities, CSAV Systems can provide solutions that will help your facility look and sound better.

Solutions We Offer Houses of Worship

  • Large Screen Projection and Motorized Screens
  • Sound Systems – including Lavalier and Choir Microphones, speakers, receivers
  • Church Sound Reinforcement
  • Assistive Hearing Solutions
  • Acoustical Treatment
  • LED Flat-Panel Displays
  • Video Surveillance

Further Detail..

  • Large Screen Projection and Motorized Screens: Play lyric videos to go along with your music, or display informative videos for your congregation on a large scale screen with the ability to be retracted when you need the space 
  • Sound Systems (including Lavalier and Choir Microphones, Speakers, Receivers): Make sure that the musical efforts made by the choir and other musicians in your church are well heard by have a sound system that is custom designed to the structure of your house of worship and placement of musicians and choir
  • Church Sound Reinforcement: Make using microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and signal processors work together seamlessly by have the right quality sound reinforcement system to distribute sound to your congregation
  • Assistive Hearing Solutions: Enable the elderly, or those who are hearing impaired to hear what is going on in your service by having assistive hearing solutions in your house of worship
  • Acoustical Treatment: Make sure that the music being played in your church or house of worship can be heard properly by all attendees by having the proper custom design-build acoustical treatment necessary for your facility 
  • LED Flat-Panel Displays: Display greetings, necessary congregation information, song lyrics, and video on quality LED flat-panel displays to make sure all can see; enhance the whole experience your house of worship provides to your congregation with additional visual aids 
  • Video Surveillance: Make sure to keep your church or house worship safe by having  a custom video surveillance system installed that meets the coverage needs of your facility


All of the members of your congregation are there to be able to see and hear what you have to say. CSAV Systems wants to help your church or house of worship look and sound its best at every service. Our quality custom design-build audio and video systems are created to serve each church and house of worship based off their individual needs and building structure. For every single individual religious institution, the proper integration of quality audio and video technology can make all the difference for the members of that congregation.

Give CSAV Systems a call at 732-577-0077 for a FREE analysis of your current system. 

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