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COVID Ready Technology

Does your business have a plan in place to safeguard the health and safety of your employees, clients, and guests? 

How can you ensure your facility is adhering to the latest government and CDC Guidelines? 

During times of uncertainty, CSAV Systems is here to promote a safe, healthy, and socially distanced atmosphere for your facility.

Whether it is a church or house of worship, education facility, retail store, supermarket, corporate office, hospitality venue or any other business market – our team at CSAV Systems can offer customized solutions for your business with COVID Ready Technologies.

We provide custom design solutions, A/V integration, installation, service and support for commercial business in New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 

Our technology often qualifies for CARES Act. Many clients are utilizing their CARES Act Funds to invest in COVID Ready Technology Solutions.

COVID Ready Technology Solutions: Promoting A Health and Safe Environment for your Business

As we continue to navigate through changes within business operations and communications, CSAV Systems is here to provide technology solutions, which can help eliminate new challenges faced.

We continue to offer cutting-edge COVID Ready Technology Solutions, such as entryway customer count sensors, thermal imaging cameras, temperature screenings, and digital signage.

Further Details:

Entryway Customer Count Sensors:

Regulate your facility’s occupancy and social distancing restrictions with non-contact Entryway Customer Count Sensors. Provide real-time store capacity monitoring and display visual warnings and alerts when customer limits are approached or exceeded.

Entryway Customer Count Sensors can support your business’ social distancing guidelines and capacity limits.

Having Customer Count Sensors within your business can promote employees’ productivity while allowing for a safe environment for your patrons and staff.

We work with grocery stores, supermarkets, and retail stores to install entryway customer count sensors.

customer count sensors for your business

Contactless Thermal Imaging Cameras:

As groups or individuals enter into your facility, you can easily capture and display the differences in temperatures, making it possible for you to identify and potentially slow the rate of infections.

With Contactless Thermal Imaging Cameras installed within your business, you can easily and accurately identify temperature differences by producing images, which display these differences in colors.

CSAV Systems can install Thermal Cameras in areas within your facility where there is high traffic, such as school entryways and retail store or supermarket entryways and access points.

Temperature Screenings:

Provide contactless and accurate temperature screenings, facial and facemask recognition for all those who enter within your business.

Whether it is a school or education facility, medical or dental office, salon or spa, or any other business market – temperature screenings can offer instant and reliable results, while also providing access security for all those who enter within your building.

CSAV Systems can work with your business to install high-quality temperature screening solutions within your business.

thermal imaging cameras for businesses

Digital Signage:

Digital signage is optimal for ensuring that your facility is communicating messages clearly to your visitors from the moment they walk through your door.

We provide COVID Ready Entry Solutions, which includes a high definition digital signage display(s) placed within your entryways and access points in order to help inform your business’s health and safety guidelines while navigating customers and clients throughout your facility.

Digital signage can also be used to help advertise and promote any sales or events to all those walking throughout your facility.

CSAV Systems can install digital signage solutions in businesses such as churches and houses of worship, supermarkets, grocery stores, corporate offices, hospitals, and more.

digital signage for covid notifications

Video Communication Systems: Helping Your Business Stay Connected 

As businesses are faced with restrictions for in-person communication, live streaming, and videoconferencing can create for an effective and productive way to communicate with colleagues, students, congregations, and guests.

We work with business markets including corporate offices, schools, government offices, municipalities, and churches and houses of worship to provide both live streaming and video conferencing platforms to help your business operations continue in a seamless way through virtual mediums. 

Further Details:

Live Streaming:

Bring events to life with professional live streaming solutions. We provide the technology needed, including high-quality streaming systems and cameras installed within your facility.

We provide live streaming systems for Churches and Houses of Worship, Education Facilities and government offices and municipalities. 

Video Conferencing and Webinar Solutions:

Telehealth, Virtual Learning & Critical Business Meetings can be communicated via professional video conferencing.

We work with Hospitals, including Hackensack Meridian Health to assist with videoconferencing technologies for critical communications.

We also provide webinar solutions for corporate businesses, education facilities, and municipalities. 

Utilize your COVID Funds in a productive and resourceful way with our unique payment plans. 

We work with you to create customized COVID Ready Technologies that meet both your operational expectations and system requirements.

Our 3-Year Warranty Plan sets us apart from other A/V vendors, as we are committed to “Serving with Solutions,” far beyond the installation.

We provide continued support and service, as well as Service Coverage Agreement Plans. 

customer count sensors covid precautions

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