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Do you wish to improve productivity and streamline training?

Are your patients able to view images and results in high definition?

Is the overall patient experience at your facility enhanced by your media?

Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and Medical Offices often have specialized audiovisual requirements. A/V Systems are often installed in lobbies, auditoriums, training and conference rooms, boardrooms, Emergency Rooms and Simulation Laboratories. CSAV Systems can help to design and install products that will help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Solutions We Offer Healthcare Spaces

  • Audio Visual Systems for Conference and Training Rooms
  • Video Teleconferencing Systems
  • Large Screen Projection Systems
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors
  • Motorized Shades
  • Background Music
  • Paging & Intercom Systems
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Wireless Control Systems
  • LED/LCD Video Display Panels
  • Video Surveillance Systems

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