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Do you wish to improve productivity and streamline training?

Are your patients able to view images and results in high definition?

Is the overall patient experience at your facility enhanced by your media?

Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and Medical Offices often have specialized audiovisual requirements. A/V Systems are often installed in lobbies, auditoriums, training and conference rooms, boardrooms, Emergency Rooms and Simulation Laboratories. CSAV Systems can help to design and install products that will help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Solutions We Offer Healthcare Spaces

  • Audio Visual Systems for Conference and Training Rooms
  • Video Teleconferencing Systems
  • Large Screen Projection Systems
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors
  • Motorized Shades
  • Background Music
  • Paging & Intercom Systems
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Wireless Control Systems
  • LED/LCD Video Display Panels
  • Video Surveillance Systems

Further Detail..

  • Audio Visual Systems for Conference and Training Rooms: Conference and training rooms in all variations of medical facilities and hospitals need to be well equipped with quality audio and video technology to give proper training and hold efficient staff meetings
  • Video Teleconferencing Systems: Allow all medical staff personnel to be able to see and and speak with other important staff member who are  quite a distance away
  • Large Screen Projection Systems: Whether it be for presenting patients with a fun movie to watch, or for presenting new information during a staff meeting, a large screen projection system has the ability to transform your facility 
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors: Be able to provide entertainment for patients and their families, or give staff an opportunity to train/present information to colleagues
  • Motorized Shades: Control shades and adjust the lighting in patient rooms, or other rooms throughout your medical facility with touch-control panels or a remote
  • Background Music: Enable music to play throughout specified areas in your healthcare facility by installing a custom design-build sound system created just for you 
  • Paging & Intercom Systems: Make sure all of the staff in your medical facility is able to quickly and efficiently get into contact with one another 
  • Interactive Digital Signage: Give patients, visitors, and medical staff a new visual way to access and interact with pertinent information in a specified area of a medical building
  • Wireless Control Systems: A healthcare facility has a lot of different audio and video technology  throughout the building; make using integrated audio and video systems easier to use with a wireless control system
  • LED/LCD Video Display Panels: Provide in specified procedure rooms, lobbies, and patient rooms with entertainment on a high-quality video  display panel that meets the needs of your facility 
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Protect patients, staff, and medical equipment by helping your security team keep a sharp eye on everything with up to date video surveillance cameras/system

Hospitals, nursing homes/assisted living facilities, and all other types of medical offices are essential to taking care of people who live in the surrounding areas. CSAV Systems is here to help your medical facility run as smoothly as possibly can while making those who visit have as good of an experience as they can when they are there.

Give us a call today at 732-577-0077 to receive a FREE analysis of your current system.

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