Paging, Intercom and PA

Paging, Intercom and PA Systems

Paging, Intercom and Public Address (PA) Systems are integral to how certain facilities communicate on a daily basis. Whether it is reaching a specific individual with a message that may warrant a response, making a mass announcement to multiple employees, or playing music for everyone to hear; CSAV Systems is here to help you choose what form of communication could be the right the right one for your workplace.


Paging and Intercom Systems

Whether it is at school, supermarket or corporate office, paging and intercom systems are widely used in various businesses. Rather than dialing extensions, these paging and intercom systems are intended to be able to reach a broad range of people at one time. These systems allow for a faster response time for whomever is delivering a message.

  • Paging Systems: Paging Systems are powerful tools to reaching a large audience, especially in emergency situations
  • Intercom Systems: Intercom Systems can also enhance communications and allows for two-way interaction between people

CSAV Systems can provide your business with these services (paging system or intercom system). We can fulfill your specific audio needs to enhance the day-to-day operation of your facilities, improving the sound of your business.

Public Address (PA)

  •  PA System: A Public Address System is specifically used to amplify either music or speech (audio) presented for a large indoor or outdoor gathering. This system provides clarity of important announcements to the public or the specific crowd it is targeting. CSAV Systems can supply, install and service the necessary source (music), microphones (wireless or other), amplifiers and loudspeakers by implementing the most cost-effective, quality solutions.


Every corporate office, school, supermarket has its method for communicating messages to larger audiences. Having the correct audio system that is functional and effective can make all the difference for employees. CSAV Systems is here to custom design your sound system that caters to the best options available for your place of business.

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