Paging, Intercom and PA

Paging, Intercom and PA Systems

Whether it is at school, supermarket or corporate office, paging and intercom systems are widely used in various businesses. Rather than dialing extensions, these paging and intercom systems are intended to be able to reach a broad range of people at one time. These systems allow for a faster response time for whomever is delivering a message. Page is a powerful tool to reach a large audience especially in emergency situations. Intercom systems can also enhance communications and allows for two-way interaction between people. CSAV Systems can provide your business with either of these services pa OR Intercom). We can fulfill your audio needs to enhance the day-to-day operation of your facilities and better improve the sound of your business.

Public Address (PA)

A PA system is specifically used to amplify either music or speech (audio) presented for a large indoor or outdoor gathering. This system provides clarity of important announcements to the public or specific crowd it is targeting. CSAV Systems can supply, install and service the necessary source (music), microphones (wireless or other), amplifiers and loudspeakers with the best quality while implementing the most cost-effective solutions.

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