Nelson and Shy were both very helpful yesterday afternoon and early this morning. As you may know we had a bit of a crisis when we discovered late yesterday afternoon that the Polycom audio in Lance was not working. Nelson quickly responded and was able to reschedule Shy to be there this morning. Shy was able to completely bypass the Soundstructure and get the HDX working for an important lecture at 8:30 this morning. I greatly appreciate the excellent service.

Hackensack Meridian Health Systems,

The new hearing assistive system worked great. People were overwhelmed with how well they could hear!

Jackson Baptist Church. Jackson, NJ,

Your workmanship was excellent! Amazing at how well you hid wires and how good the system sounds!

St. Rose Church, Belmar, NJ,

In an industry which is, more often than not, filled with ‘more sizzle than steak’, CSAV Systems continues to deliver the highest quality of service, with the work being completed on schedule and a follow-up system which ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Fairway Mews Community Association. Spring Lake, NJ,