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Published: Jan 15, 2019

Video Walls, the New Cutting-Edge Technology

What is the best way to capture peoples’ attention in today’s world? Interactive, digital displays. Video walls are the latest and greatest technology taking businesses to the next level. The adaptability and endless opportunities this technology offers are helping companies increase communication with their employees, demonstrate the progressive nature of their business & build their brand with new marketing strategies offered by the new digital platform.

The Endless Opportunities of Video Walls…

Digital displays and video walls are becoming extremely popular in restaurants, retail businesses and even healthcare facilities. These digital platforms enable businesses to attract the attention of their target audience and educate them on the benefits of video walls. This technology allows companies to strategize new goals to take their business to the next level, whether it is designing a new advertising campaign or building brand awareness.

Imagine you recently install a video wall in your restaurant to greet your customers at the door. You display your menus in the center of the wall and surround the outside with high-quality, delectable photos of some of the meals you offer. In that split second of viewing your video wall, you can make an everlasting impression to your audience.

Now imagine you are working at a hospital and you recently installed a video wall in your main lobby. You could not only list statistics and quotes in support of the success of your hospital, but you could also play a virtual tour of your hospital. Video walls can also prove to be helpful for those visiting and patients at the healthcare facility – you could play hopeful, uplifting videos to bring their morale up and make them more comfortable with being at the hospital. This technology can serve as a great, positive platform for hospital visitors and patients. Significant technological advancements, such as the integration of a video wall, opens a whole new realm of communications with company employees and clients.

Check out our video recapping the installation of the video wall in Hope Tower:

Making a Difference at Hope Tower

Here at CSAV Systems, we are committed to designing the highest quality systems possible. Our innovative work at Hope Tower is a testament to who we are at CSAV Systems. In 2017, CSAV Systems partnered with Hackensack Meridian Health to install A/V systems throughout all 10 floors of Hope Tower, including the video wall on the tenth floor outside the amphitheater.

The video wall is comprised of 9 different 55” Planar Clarity Max monitors offering a next generation design with advanced processing and integrated synchronization so there is seamless movement between all the 4k LCD monitors. The 4K resolution capabilities allows the system to have multiple inputs to be fed into the video wall simultaneously. What this means, is that if you wanted to, you could have an image on the entire video wall and other videos or images overlaid on top of it and placed wherever needed. The content displayed on the system is controlled through a computer, but for the powering and routing the wall, CSAV Systems used a Crestron control system.

Businesses Benefiting from Video Walls:

Corporate Offices

Healthcare Facilities

Education Facilities

Fitness Centers


Sports Bars




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