Commercial Sound and Video Systems

Sports Bars

Creating the Ideal Atmosphere

Whether it be monitors to display the ongoing sports games or speakers
to play background music throughout your sports bar, CSAV Systems wants only the best equipment to fit your needs.

Solving your A/V needs with the right audio and video systems will provide your guests with more comfort and allow them to better enjoy the atmosphere for your bar!

Designing, Installing and Servicing

Here at CSAV, we strive for the best customer satisfaction by always keeping your needs and budget in mind. We design and install systems using highly efficient flat-screen TV monitors, effective sound systems and top-of-the-line security camera systems to exceed your customer’s expectations.

We accompany our high-quality technology with incredible service to provide Sports Bars with the best experience for their customers.

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Solutions We Offer a Sports Bar

  • Background Music
  • Satellite TV & Distribution Systems
  • HDTV Display
  • Large Screen Projectors
  • Indoor/Outdoor Audio and Video Systems

Further Details About Sports Bars

  • Video Walls: Broadcast TV programming, movies, live events or multiple video feeds through LED displays for your video wall. Video walls can serve as an interactive display that can draw in crowds to your sports bar and keep guests coming back. Set your business apart from other sports bars by having the latest technological solutions, such as video walls.
  • Background Music: Set the tone of your sports bar with the right background music. At CSAV Systems, we can install speaker systems to ensure background music is heard throughout your entire sports bar. We can install XM for Business, so that you can easily manage XM Music, that is fully licensed.
  • Digital Display: Having digital displays and monitors throughout every area of your sports bar, allows for guests to enjoy content being displayed on your TV’s throughout every area of the bar. With multiple digital displays and monitors around your hospitality venue can give guests the opportunity to watch different types of sporting events and TV programming throughout various rooms and sections within your business.
  • Large Screen Projections Screens and Projectors: Allow your customers to see and hear content being displayed on large screen projection screens and ceiling mounted projectors.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Audio and Video Systems: Many sports bars have indoor and outdoor areas. Be sure to have seamless audiovisual systems that connects with all indoor and outdoor area of your sports bar.
  • Digital Signage: Display menu options, events, announcements or other important information through digital signage displays for all your customers to see.
  • Public Address: Announce when customers’ tables are ready through Public Adress Systems, for guests to hear in the lobby and outside area.
  • Wireless Control Systems: Control and adjust the A/V settings within your sports bar, through video control panels.
  • Security Systems: Keep your customers, employees and business safe by having the right security systems to keep an eye on day-to day operations. Video surveillance systems are essential to the protection of your business assets and those who are present within your business.

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