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Are the words of the Lord heard by everyone in your congregation?

Are you looking to attract more members through professional live streaming?

Are your video presentations seen clearly?

CSAV Systems has worked with Churches of all shapes and sizes for over 15 years to enhance church sound systems, video systems, and live streaming solutions.

We work with chapels, churches, cathedrals, religious studios, and religious schools throughout New Jersey, New York, and other states. CSAV Systems can optimize the audio-visual systems within your church.

We work with Christian Churches, Catholic Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Non-Denominational Churches, Orthodox Churches, Baptist Churches, Methodist Churches, Presbyterian Churches, Episcopal Churches, Lutheran Churches, Spirit-Filled Churches, and other houses of worship to provide a variety of sound and video solutions.

From modern buildings to new construction or existing church facilities, CSAV Systems can provide solutions that will help your church look and sound better.

We can also install hearing-impaired systems for churches, synagogues, and temples with members who require audio assistive services.

Our quality custom-design audio and video systems are created to serve each church based on individual needs and building structure.

Our team offers the highest level of professionalism and superior customer service.

At CSAV Systems, our work goes beyond AV system installation and A/V integration. We proudly serve churches by offering training on new and current systems and ongoing support and service when an issue unexpectedly arises.

We also provide services for Funeral Homes.

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Popular Houses of Worship A/V Solutions

  • Church Sound Systems
  • Video Presentations
  • Live Streaming Solutions

Further Details

Church Sound Systems – Perhaps the most crucial aspect of your church’s audiovisual, is ensuring you are investing in quality sound systems. With the right speakers, microphones, amplifiers, signal processors, and audio mixers, your congregation can hear clearly, easily follow along and remain engaged throughout the service.

When the messages and music are crisp and clear, you can help enhance the overall experience of your church service. CSAV Systems works with churches of all shapes and sizes to provide church sound reinforcement.

Depending on your church’s architectural design, size, and layout, we can offer custom design solutions to ensure the best sound systems for your church. Aside from providing quality sound equipment, we help enrich your space by allowing for an aesthetically pleasing design and placement of your speakers, microphones, and amplifiers.

  • Video Presentations Utilize projection and high-quality display monitors at your church, allowing your congregation to follow along with lyrics, readings, messages, and all other parts of the church service.Video presentations such as High definition LED Monitors and Projection systems can enhance the overall experience that your church provides while saving money on hymnal books. Display monitors can be convenient and engaging for your congregants to follow along during your church services. Monitors, projection screens, and other display options can be installed in various locations of your church, such as at the altar, in the back of the church, in gathering halls, meeting rooms, and in cry rooms.Having displays in various areas may allow for more people to not only hear the service but also be able to visualize the service even if they are not in the main sanctuary.Live Streaming – In recent years, live streaming has become increasingly popular in churches. At CSAV Systems, we provide professional live streaming solutions for churches and houses of worship. Live streaming solutions have many benefits in churches, as they allow members to be part of services, even if they are not physically present. Live streaming not only brings congregants together, but also helps expand your reach.Our team has developed three levels of live streaming solutions – ranging from basic to advanced to production level.We provide the technology necessary for your streaming, which includes: the camera system, camera wall mount, camera controller, streaming interface, and all the additional hardware, cables, and connectors necessary for your church streaming systems.

For every religious facility, the proper integration of quality audio and video technology can make all the difference for the members of that congregation. The right sound systems, video presentations, and live streaming solutions for churches can create a better atmosphere for your congregants. We meet your operational expectations to find the best audio/visual system and audiovisual equipment for your church. Click here to view a complete list of markets we serve.

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