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Are the words of the Lord heard by everyone sitting in your congregation?

Do you have members who are hearing impaired?

Are your presentations seen and heard clearly?

CSAV Systems has worked with Houses of Worship of all shapes and sizes for years to enhance church sound systems and video systems.

From modern buildings to new construction or existing house of worship facilities, CSAV Systems can provide solutions that will help your facility look and sound better. We can also install hearing impaired systems for churches, synagogues, and temples with members who need to require assistive services.

All members of your congregation are present to be able to see and hear what you have to say with hearing-impaired devices for churches.

CSAV Systems wants to help your church or house of worship look and sound its best at every service with a high-quality church AV system.

Our quality custom design-build audio and video systems are created to serve each church and house of worship based on their individual needs and building structure.

For every single religious institution, the proper integration of quality audio and video technology can make all the difference for the members of that congregation. The right audio and projection systems for churches can create a better atmosphere for your congregants.

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We also provide services for Funeral Homes.

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Further Details

  • Church Video Systems (Large Screen Projection and Motorized Screens): Play lyric videos to go along with your music, or display informative videos for your congregation on a large-scale screen with the ability to be retracted when you need the space
  • Church Sound Systems (including Lavalier and Choir Microphones, Speakers, Receivers and digital mixers): Make sure the musical efforts made by the choir and other musicians in your church are well heard with a sound system that is custom designed to the structure of your house of worship and placement of musicians and choir
  • Church Sound Reinforcement: Make using microphones, amplifiers, speakers, and signal processors work together seamlessly by having the right quality sound reinforcement system to distribute sound to your congregation
  • Assistive Hearing Solutions: Enable the elderly, or those who are hearing impaired to hear what is going on in your service by having assistive hearing solutions in your house of worship
  • Acoustical Treatment: Make sure that the music being played in your church or house of worship can be heard properly by all attendees by having the proper custom design-build acoustical treatment necessary for your facility
  • LED Flat-Panel Displays: Display greetings, necessary congregation information, song lyrics and videos featured on high-quality LED flat-panel monitors, all enhance the overall experience your house of worship provides your congregation
  • Church Video Surveillance: Make sure to keep your church or house of worship safe by having a custom video surveillance system installed that meets the coverage needs of your facility
  • Live Streaming: Live streaming allows members of the congregation to join the service remotely while having the opportunity to stay fully engaged. Live streaming boosts your audience reach and allows remote members to feel present. This accommodates those who are sick and/or homebound to attend events or meetings.

We meet your needs and budget to find the best audio/visual system and audiovisual equipment for churches. Click here to view a complete list of markets we serve.

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