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Jewish Synagogue Audio Visual Solutions

Can Your Congregation clearly follow along with the messages your service?

Would your synagogue benefit from quality audio visual solutions?

CSAV Systems has worked with hundreds of Synagogues, Jewish Community Centers and other houses of worship throughout New Jersey, New York and other states to provide quality sound and video solutions. We offer a variety of solutions for your synagogue’s sanctuary, religious school and social hall including sound systems, display monitors, live streaming solutions and hearing-impaired systems.

Whether your congregation follows an Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist or other form of Judaism, we can provide the right audiovisual solutions that will support your service. Sound and video systems can be essential to enhancing your Shabbat, Holiday Service, or High Holidays. Whether you have a small or large synagogue, CSAV Systems is here to provide custom design systems, av installation and integration, continued service and support to all your audiovisual solutions.

Based on your Synagogue’s system requirements, our team can help upgrade and improve the AV within your facility.  Whether you are looking for a simple setup, where your AV systems are automated to be pre-set and programmed for your service, or a more complex system- we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your facility.

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Solutions We Offer Jewish Synagogues

  • Sound Systems for Your Synagogue’s Sanctuary, Social Hall, Religious School and Outdoor Space
  • Projection Systems and Monitors
  • Live Streaming Solutions

Further Details

  • Synagogue Sound Systems – When it comes to the sound system within your synagogue, having quality sound systems can be essential to carrying out a successful service. Professional sound systems can help your congregation remain engaged throughout the service.  With sound reinforcement for your synagogue, you can enrich the service for all your congregants. CSAV Systems can provide an array of professional audio and sound systems including microphones, lavaliers, speakers, amplifiers, signal processors and audio mixers.
  • Projection Systems and Monitors In some synagogues, having high definition monitors can enhance the space by sharing images, video, or important messages. We work with synagogues to understand how AV can best fit within their environment. Whether you are looking to install a monitor or simply integrate a monitor on a rolling cart in order to eliminate any obstructions, we work with you to find the best solutions for all your display and video needs. Within Jewish Community Centers and schools, projection and display monitors can further support teachings, while engaging the audience with the important messages that are shown on the screen.
  • Live Streaming – While live streaming has grown in synagogues, we continue to provide various levels of professional live streaming solutions for your facility. Live streaming opens the door to new possibilities, as it allows you to include your congregants within your service if they cannot physically attend and also helps grow your synagogue, by reaching more people.The technology solutions that CSAV can install for your streaming system includes the camera system, camera wall mount, camera controller, streaming interface, and any additional hardware, cables, and connectors that would be necessary.While streaming can vary on levels of depth, we often utilize Zoom to allow for a more of a conferencing solution for synagogues.CSAV Systems can install and integrate an automated streaming systems that can start broadcasting your congregation’s services according to a predetermined schedule, without touching a button.

When your synagogue or house of worship invests in a highly qualified audiovisual consultant, you can improve the overall experience that your service has to offer.

CSAV Systems is proud to provide audiovisual solutions for many Synagogues, Jewish Community Center and other Houses of Worship.

We offer a 3-Year Warranty for your newly installed system and provide exceptional customer service. Click here to view a complete list of markets we serve.

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