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Iconiq 777 Case Study


Iconiq 777 is the newest luxury apartment complex located in downtown Newark. Being next to Penn Station and within walking distance of the Prudential Center, the possibilities are endless. With spacious living areas, world-class amenities, and breathtaking views, Iconiq immediately caught the attention of many. The rooftop pool and terraces seem to already be a fan favorite. Built just in 2023, the extensive property contains 33 stories with 370 units and offers private parking. The future of Iconiq 777 is looking bright.

Industry Served: Hospitality


With this particular client, CSAV Systems was involved during Iconiq’s construction phase. Being brought in during the construction phase is always beneficial because it allows us to plan for the audiovisual installation from the get-go. It also tends to save time, money, and energy on everyone’s part. Iconiq asked our team to provide various audiovisual solutions throughout the facility’s multiple floors. Since our team worked with this client from start to finish, the installation process was seamless. However, a few challenges of the construction phase we faced tended to be ones we have no control over, such as weather delays or subcontractor coordination issues.


CSAV Systems provided audiovisual solutions for Iconiq777 throughout the first floor, the fifth floor, and the outdoor roof deck. The solutions included: multiple monitors, a 2-Zone speaker system, a 3-Zone speaker system, a 5-Zone speaker system, outdoor speakers, XM players, wireless microphones, video conferencing, and audio wall plates.

  1. Zone Audio System-The multi-zone audio systems allow for different audio to be simultaneously played in different areas of the facility. For example, a 2-Zone system would have the audio played in two different locations, while a 5-Zone would have five different locations.
  2. Monitors- Clients can have the ability to completely customize how they use their monitors. CSAV Systems installed high-definition monitors in the lobby as well as in the mail room for this project.
  3. Sound Reinforcement- Installing sound reinforcement solutions, such as microphones, audio wall plates, and speakers allows for audio to be clearly heard.
  4. XM players- Allows access to commercial-free music that corresponds to the atmosphere you want to provide for your facility. Our team integrated background music in the common areas, amenities room, gym, yoga room, and rooftop.
  5. Video Conferencing System-Our team provided a user-friendly video conference system for Iconiq’s conference room. This includes the addition of a conference bar, which has a built-in microphone, speaker, and webcam.


Our team at CSAV Systems was responsible for providing a variety of outdoor and indoor audiovisual solutions at Iconiq 777. CSAV Systems custom-designed, integrated, and provided training for all of our systems.

For this project, sound seemed to be a priority for the client. Installing multiple speakers throughout the facility enhanced the atmosphere and experience for residents, guests, and staff. The addition of the other audiovisual solutions allowedthe staff to further personalize Iconiq 777in whichever way they please. CSAV Systems is proud to serve and support Iconiq from start to finish. Call us today at 732-577-0077 to get started for your audiovisual installation needs or click HERE for a free systems analysis.

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