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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Is your business capitalizing on the latest trends in digital technology?

Would you like to welcome visitors with crisp images of your brand, captivating high-definition video or even an interactive touch-screen display?

Digital signage has become the new standard of advertising and communication for businesses. This multi-use platform offers businesses opportunities such as way-finding, creative advertising, efficient company communication and entertainment.

Today, this innovative digital technology is commonly integrated into corporate facilities, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, retail, sports venues and industrial spaces to distribute different facets of information to diverse audiences in creative ways.

CSAV Systems wants to help you company grow with technology as it continues to advance. Digital signage offers endless opportunities that are just a few clicks away. We can work with your business to create a custom design solutions, installations, A/V integration and continued service and support.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage is comprised of three parts: the display, the media player and the content management system (CMS) which is what allows for the system to be so easily customized. The display, being the base of the system, should provide you with crisp graphics to captivate the attention of your audience, while the media player acts as the brains behind the beauty. CSAV Systems installs BrightSign media players because they can be seamlessly integrated with their user-friendly software that allows the user to effortlessly change content. The CMS is the software that helps the user design the layout and content for the display. BrightSign provides their own CMS called BrightSign Author, which makes it simple to design content, especially for those who do not consider themselves too tech savvy.

This technology is rapidly changing the way businesses advertise and communicate. Digital signage is a bulletin board meets a computer: what is displayed on digital signs can easily be adjusted for various company uses. The ease of use, ability to quickly access information and efficiently communicate to customers & employees are what help companies embrace shift to further incorporate technology into their businesses.

Additional benefits of digital signage include:

  • Capture the attention of your audience
  • Display dynamic content
  • Build engagement with interactive displays
  • Option for real-time presentations
  • Customize content with the click of a button
  • Creatively & quickly communicate with your audience
  • Be cost-effective in reaching large audiences
  • Immerse clients in your brand

Further Details About Digital Signage

  • Capture the attention of your audience: Captivate the attention of your audience with crisp graphics and dynamic content that may not be possible with a normal sign/bulletin board.
  • Display dynamic content: Display new information to your employees, show a fun video to potential customers, feature numerous images at once or create a combination of it all.
  • Build engagement with interactive displays: Take your attention grabbing technology to the next level by allowing the customers to interact with the display; whether it be a shopping mall directory or a sign-in to a healthcare office, digital signage can strengthen your business.
  • Option for real-time presentations: Bring presentations to life by showing them on a larger scale, elevating the quality.
  • Customize content with the click of a button: Experience the ability to quickly and efficiently change the displayed content without having to be technologically savvy.
  • Creatively & quickly communicate with your audience: Play a scrolling message on the bottom of your digital signage or show and display a message with important information in-between other images on your slideshow.
  • Be cost-effective in reaching large audiences: Save money on printing by using digital signage to display your messages, different advertisements or even art.
  • Immerse clients in your brand: Take full advantage by designing custom campaigns or displays tailored to products, promotions, sales, culture or company events.


Digital signage allows you to create content or use video and other media! Call us today to learn more about the display of:

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Site Directories
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Video Files
  • Power Point
  • Website Pages
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Social Media/RSS Feeds
  • Text/Graphics

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