Digital Signage

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Is your business benefiting from the latest in digital technology to display promotional video, menus, slideshows, images or advertisements? Would you like to welcome visitors, display company info or weather and traffic?

CSAV Systems can assist you in communicating through digital signage.

Digital signage uses LED & projection technology to present valuable content. Digital displays are becoming a common occurrence and are often found in corporate facilities, restaurants, hospitals, industrial environments, hotels, malls and sports venues.


With the latest innovations in technology, more people are utilizing their cellular devices and personal tablets and are drawn to screens for information. Bulletin board meets computer: what is displayed on digital signs can easily be adjusted for a fluid presentation with many benefits including:

  • Digital displays attract attention
  • Screens can display full motion video
  • Multiple images can be on a screen at once
  • Option for real-time presentations
  • Boards can change with a click of a button
  • Quick message distribution
  • Digital Signage is cost-effective in reaching large audiences
  • Save on printing costs and be eco-friendly


Digital signage allows you to create content or use video and other media! Call us today to learn more about the display of:

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Site Directories
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Video Files
  • Power Point
  • Website Pages
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Social Media/RSS Feeds
  • Text/Graphics

Want to know what we can do for you? Contact CSAV today for a Free Systems Analysis! 732-577-0077

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