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About CSAV Systems

CSAV Systems can serve any of your audiovisual system needs. From corporate sound equipment and design to videoconferencing system installation and support, the simple rule of success at CSAV Systems (CSAV) is to provide our clients with excellent service, quality equipment, expert workmanship and the long-term support they deserve. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Founded in 2005, CSAV has grown to be a leader in the professional sound, video & teleconferencing industry. CSAV has serviced thousands of clients throughout New Jersey, New York, and other states. We are innovators who design and provide commercial institutions with dynamic, user-friendly and cost-effective sound and video systems. We offer high quality professional sound, video & teleconferencing systems for many major clients including corporate facilities, conference centers, hospitals, banks, churches and houses of worship, court rooms and more.

Sound and Video Consultants – Serving New York,
New Jersey, and Other States

Mission Statement

"Serving with Solutions"

Our mission is to build relationships and a culture of rigorous client focus.

We help institutes look and sound better by providing quality Audio/Video systems to best meet their commercial application.

Serving with Solutions, CSAV Systems will work diligently with commitment and integrity for those who require our services.

We shall deliver an extraordinary level of technology and support.

Our Team will continue to improve ourselves and our abilities to perform in an ever-changing industry.

Delivering solutions with the greatest level of client satisfaction is among our highest goals as we strive to be “The Best at All We Do!

What Makes CSAV Systems Different

Quality Services for the Best Price

We take pride in our staff, our company and the reputation we have built. CSAV’s benefits are limitless; we go beyond expectations to meet our customers’ needs. The basic advantages we offer begins with our service/support – a fully equipped facility and trained technicians.

Many of our products have warranties extending to five (5) years. Our benefits become more personalized and unique.  Starting with our cost-effective policy; our systems are designed to meet our customers’ needs as well as their budget. We make it easy to acquire both our professional services as well as the latest technology.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

To serve our customers to the fullest extent and to keep our reputation in high standing, we must keep up-to-date with our growing industry. To achieve this goal, we attend major trade shows and our technicians are certified by many manufacturers such as Polycom, Crestron, Kramer and others. We are subscribers to all major trade and industry publications and CSAV also holds training classes, as well as research and development meetings to communicate and discuss business/industry news and updates.

Want to know what we can do for you?

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