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Virtual Client Meetings

CSAV Systems Is Now Offering Virtual Client Meetings

Considering the current circumstances due to COVID-19, our team at CSAV Systems wants you to know that we are here to serve and support your business. We are now offering Virtual Site Visits, Proposal Presentations and Remote Support through Zoom Appointments.

We understand the high demand for videoconferencing and live streaming solutions during this time and we are committed to “Serving with Solutions.” We continue to provide technology solutions and support for Webinars, Live Streaming and Videoconferencing Communications for essential businesses in NJ. 

How can we help your business enhance it’s video communications during COVID-19?

We are readily available to set-up teleconferencing and videoconferencing calls to provide a Free Systems Analysis, Proposal Presentation or Remote Support.

Virtual Site Visit

Looking to upgrade or add video communication systems in your business? We are here to  do a virtual site visit and provide our professional recommendations via Zoom Appointment.

Fill out our Free Systems Analysis Form and a member from our Team will be in touch with you to set-up a virtual site visit with you.

virtual site visits for new audiovisual technology

VIrtual Proposal Presentation

Virtual Proposal Presentations can be set-up with you and your team through Zoom Teleconferencing or Videoconferencing to ensure that you understand each section of the Proposal.

Your assigned Sales Consultant will send you a copy of your proposal and will go through all the possible applications listed within your proposal, answering any questions you may have along the way. 

receive proposal on your tablet, cell phone or computer

Remote Support

Questions about your current A/V system or a proposal you received? Our team is available to provide remote communication and support for you.

If you are in need of service or support, complete our Request Service Form and one of our team members will be in touch with you. Whether it is by a call or video call, we can schedule a time to offer you remote support via Zoom Conference Call. 

remote support for your audiovisual technologies

Schedule Your Virtual Meeting with CSAV Systems

CSAV Systems is committed to carrying out high priority work, in which we are already helping many Houses of Worship get the word of hope and faith out through live streaming systems, assisting Hospital Clients with videoconferencing technologies for critical communications, and supporting Government with live streaming systems for press conferences and briefings.

We provide video communication systems for additional businesses in New Jersey such as, Corporations, Education Facilities, Golf and Country Clubs, Funeral Homes and Assisted Living Communities. 

If your business is looking to increase it’s digital technologies and video communications, CSAV Systems can provide the right systems and equipment to support these video communication platforms. 

Call us today at 732-577-0077 or email us at [email protected] to set up your Virtual Meeting with a CSAV Systems Team Member.

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