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Educational Facilities

Are audio/visual technology solutions being properly integrated into your educational facility?

Are students seeing and hearing your presentations in the best possible fashion?

Educational institutions have multi-purpose needs for proper audio and video equipment. What better way to show your school spirit than blasting your fight song loud and clear through your custom designed speaker system?

From your outdoor athletic fields, auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums, to right inside your classroom or lecture hall, there is a custom system that will fit your needs.

CSAV Systems also provides A/V solutions for government institutions.

CSAV Systems is here to help you with all your audio and video needs while keeping it within your school’s budget range.

At CSAV Systems, we are here through every step of the process- and well after, to ensure that you have the right technology solutions within your school and educational facility.

There are always new and innovative ways to incorporate advancing audio and video technology solutions.

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Solutions We Offer Education Spaces

Further Details

  • Sound and Video Systems for Auditoriums and Gymnasiums: Make gym class, school assemblies and school plays look and sound better with an audio and video system that is specified to the constructs of the way your school is built.
  • Outdoor Sound and Video Systems for Athletic Fields: Give your students and their families the full “Friday night lights” effect with a custom sound and video system to enhance their athletic field experience.
  • Video Walls: Display a large video wall in common spaces to send clear messages and announcements to students, faculty and staff.
  • Paging & Intercom Systems: Enable all faculty and staff to easily reach each other throughout the school when necessary.
  • LED Display Panels: Enhance presentations that your students are viewing in the classroom on a daily basis with quality display panels.
  • Public Address: Place wireless microphones and speakers throughout the environment to provide clear and consistent sound in order to optimize the learning experience.
  • Wireless & Remote Control Panels: Touch-Control LCD panels can enhance the experience of end-users when integrating AV technology into any curriculum.
  • Video Surveillance: Aid security personnel at your school with custom security cameras, digital recorders and monitors to keep the school safe.

The above listed solutions are just the beginning of what CSAV Systems has to offer educational spaces.

Our solutions are custom design-build audio and video systems that are created to work specifically for your school, your students, and their families. Our audio/visual technologies have the ability to transform the learning experience for both faculty and students by creating new ways to present and interact with all facets of information.

By installing and implementing state-of-the-art a/v systems, you can create a fun, exciting, and functional environment for students, faculty and staff.

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