Commercial Sound and Video Systems

Golf and Country Clubs

Does your golf and country club offer the best amenities to suit your members?

Can you provide the A/V systems that your Club members and guests need for their events?

In golf and country clubs, there can be many different events ranging from parties to charity events or sometimes even large conferences. Due to this, many of the rooms in golf and country clubs should be multi-functional. Having innovative sound and video systems installed in your golf and country club can create for a better experience for your Club members, guests and employees. Set your golf and country club apart from the rest by staying on the cutting-edge of technology trends. CSAV Systems can offer custom design solutions, A/V integration, audiovisual installations and continued service and support for your golf and country club.

CSAV Systems also provides A/V systems for malls and retail stores.

Custom Design Audiovisual Systems for Golf & Country Clubs

Adding state-of-the-art A/V systems to the spaces within your golf and country club can help to enhance your Club’s atmosphere. Have an upcoming event at your Club? Market your event to everyone walking through the club by displaying eye-catching images and videos on your digital signage boards. Monitors and digital signage displays can be installed in common spaces such as lobbies, bars and dining rooms to inform guests of upcoming events and important announcements, while also captivating the attention of your members and guests.

Elevate your Club’s capabilities of holding larger conferences and events, by having the right technology solutions for presentations, seminars, and speaking engagements. At CSAV Systems, we work with you to create custom audio-visual solutions for conference spaces. Microphones, speaker systems, projectors and projection screens are just a few sound and video solutions we can provide for your ballroom and conference spaces within your golf and country club. CSAV Systems can custom design A/V for any indoor and outdoor space within your golf and country club.

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Solutions We Offer Golf & Country Clubs

  • Large Screen Projection Systems: Charity or conference presentations and fun videos to be displayed at special events can all be displayed and viewed on these large projection screens from anywhere in the room. Your guests deserve the best experience – Allow for all presentations and videos to be seen clearly through projection screens.
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors: This projector system enables anyone to display all different types of information in order to influence or inform the audience.
  • WiFi Hot Spots: Make sure that all employees and clients who need access to WiFi can connect their devices by adding WiFi hot spots to different locations throughout your golf and country club.
  • Motorized Shades: Motorized shades can be controlled by touch-panel or remote for hard to reach windows in the event space to enhance presentation visuals or the ambiance of the event, by adjusting lighting.
  • Background Music: Add a custom sound system to your facility to play music through specific areas in the building. Background music can help to make any country club feel warm, welcoming and relaxing, especially in the spa center or bar and dining areas.
  • Paging Systems: Make sure all employees can easily communicate with each other by using an effective paging and Intercom system. Outdoor and Indoor Paging and Intercom Systems can be used to broadcast mass communication messages to employees, Club members and guests throughout day-to-day operations.
  • Interactive Digital Signage: Display information in different areas of your building with various examples of events happening in your Club that your employees can touch and interact with
  • Wireless Control Systems: Using integrated A/V technology can be made easier with the addition of wireless control systems. Have peace of mind knowing you can control your A/V systems with just a click of a button.
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Keep your members, guests, employees and company assets safe by having a video monitoring system customized to your facility. Video surveillance can be installed, and footage can be accessed from one monitor for your employees and members safety.
  • Acoustical Treatments in Meeting Spaces: In large event spaces such as conference areas, acoustical treatments can cancel out sound issues such as echoes or reverberations.
  • Videoconferencing Systems: Increase meeting productivity, communication and efficiency by reaching employees and board members who are not present in the Club during conference calls. Having Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing installed in your golf and country club’s meeting rooms can allow for all members on a conference call to be fully immersed in the meeting.

Golf & Country Club Case Studies

Baltusrol Golf Club

Baltusrol Golf Club is a private Golf Club located in northern New Jersey, it is considered one of the country’s premier golf clubs, and has hosted 7 of the US Open Golf Tournaments, 4 U.S. Amateur, 2 U.S. Women’s Open, 2 U.S. Women’s Amateur, and 2 PGA Championships.

CSAV Systems provided sound and video systems for Baltusrol Golf Club, including Ceiling Mount Speaker Systems, Smart Display, LED Display Panel, Custom Framed TV monitors, Outdoor Speakers, Handheld and Lavalier Wireless Microphones, Remote Control Digital Panels, Loudspeaker Management System and wireless presentation systems.

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