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Is your technology well positioned in your Funeral Home?

Are your microphones and music heard clearly from room to room?

Video Tributes for Services

Funeral Homes are incorporating video systems into their services. Most families may request a video tribute to be played in memory of their loved one. This may be a contributing factor for families when choosing a funeral home.

Video Stream Services Through the Web

Do you have clients with family members that would like to attend services but are not able to attend? CSAV Systems can integrate a system to stream services live. We can help you to enhance your clients’ experience during their services.

Solutions We Offer Funeral Homes

  • Audio System – Microphones, Speakers
  • XM Radio for Business
  • Video Projection System – Projectors, Projector Screens
  • Video Distribution System
  • Live Streaming
  • LED Display Televisions
  • Video Surveillance

Further Detail..

  • Audio System – Microphones, Speakers: Give your clients the ability to make sure that those who are going to speak on behalf of their loved ones will be heard clearly
  • XM Radio for Business:  Play different genres of background music from specific requests of the families that you serve; XM Radio gives you many different options to choose from
  • Video Projection System – Projectors, Projector Screens: Enable the families who use your funeral home to display pictures and videos of their loved one who has passed away; everyone wants to be able to remember and honor their loved ones
  • Video Distribution System: Make distributing video to different pieces of video equipment in your funeral home as easy as possible by having the right video distribution system
  • Live Streaming: Not all family members live in close proximity to one another; Make it possible for far away family members to be able to view their loved one's service by offering them the option of live streaming
  • LED Display Televisions: Have LED monitors to direct guests to the room in which the service is being held, display information the family wants show about their loved one, or play a slideshow of pictures that the family would like to preview to for those paying their respects
  • Video Surveillance: Keep everyone and everything in your facility under watch by having a quality video surveillance system that covers the area of your facility

Funerals are a very important and sensitive subject for families and loved ones; this is why the way funeral homes conduct their services and what they offer to all of their families is essential. CSAV Systems is here to help your funeral home have an up to date, custom designed audio and video system that meets all of the needs for your funeral home. We want to help you provide all of the families that your funeral home services as many quality audio/visual options that they may be interested in using as possible. We tastefully install our custom audio and video solutions into your facility as to not take away from the special meaning of the service.

Give us a call at 732-577-0077 for a FREE analysis of your current system.

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