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Has audio/visual technology been properly integrated into your facility?

Are participants seeing and hearing presentations in the best possible fashion?

In a courtroom, what is being said is almost as important as what is heard by those on the jury or behind the bench. Many types of audio and video systems can be used in instances such as municipal courts, municipal buildings and offices, a city council chamber, correctional facilities and other government facilities. CSAV Systems can help you to customize a system for your courtroom, borough halls and civic centers.

Solutions We Offer for Government Spaces

  • Videoconferencing & Teleconferencing Systems
  • Control Room Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Paging & Intercom Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Assisted Hearing Systems
  • Audio Speakers

Further Detail..  

  • Videoconferencing & Teleconferencing Systems: Make holding conferences with those who are not close to you still feel like they are face-to-face meetings by having a videoconferencing & teleconferencing system that works for your facility 
  • Control Room Systems: Having an organized and functioning control room system is essential to being able to work with all of your integrated audio and video equipment within your building in an effective manner 
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Enable all of your security personnel or police officers to properly monitor the surrounding area of the government facility
  • Paging & Intercom Systems: Give all of the government employees in your building the ability to reach each other quickly and efficiently, or make general announcements to others in the building with a paging and intercom system that is right for your government institution
  • Digital Signage: Show pictures, play video, and distribute information to all of  those who visit your facility in a new visually interesting way
  • Assisted Hearing Systems: Make sure those who are hard of hearing that visit your government facility are able to hear what is going on loud and clear 
  • Audio Speakers: Court sessions, council chamber meetings, and announcements being made in a correctional facility are all things that need to be heard loud and clear; having the correct audio speakers for your custom designed sound system can make all of the difference for those trying to hear what is being said

Government institutions are places that need to be running as effectively as possible. CSAV Systems is here to help your government facility integrate quality audio and video technology solutions into your daily work life to make things run even simpler. Every audio and video system that CSAV creates is custom to the specific needs of the users of that facility and designed to work with the constructs of the building.

Give us a call at 732-577-0077 or contact us for a Free Systems AnalysisWe can help you upgrade your old system, and if you do not have a system we can design one specifically for you!


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