Commercial Sound and Video Systems

Corporate Facilities

Are your presentations being clearly seen and heard?

Do you have the technology to execute seamless meetings and presentations?

Does the audience feel the full impact of your media?

Corporate offices can range from general meeting spaces, training rooms, board rooms, and state of the art conference centers, to cafeterias, exhibit spaces, fitness centers, control rooms, and lobbies.

No matter what your needs are, we will work to find a system that works best for your corporate space.

Seamless Corporate A/V Systems

Having an integrated audio and video system that works seamlessly in corporate environment is very important.

CSAV Systems is here to help your facility to continue to advance into the future by staying on the cutting-edge of new technology trends.

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Solutions We Offer Corporate Spaces

Further Details

  • Audio/Visual Systems for Teleconferencing and Training Rooms: Provide all employees with the opportunity to give exceptional presentations to clients, and a stimulating learning environment for trainees with quality custom audio and video.
  • Videoconferencing Systems: Increase meeting productivity, communication and efficiency by reaching employees who do not work in the same office location. Having videoconferencing in your corporate office can make it possible for employees and clients to feel as if they are fully present in meetings. Videoconferencing can save your company valuable time and money
  • Large Screen Projection Systems: Client presentations, boardroom meetings, and employee training sessions have the ability to be enhanced and well received by all when presenting them on a larger scale
  • Ceiling Mounted Projectors: Enable all employees to be able to present information and lead brainstorm sessions on a larger scale with their clients, and other employees to see and interpret
  • WiFi Hot Spots: Make sure that all employees and clients who need access to  WiFi are able to connect their devices by adding WiFi hot spots to different locations throughout your corporate space
  • Motorized Shades: Motorized shades can be controlled by touch-panel or remote for hard to reach windows in the office to enhance presentation visuals by adjusting lighting
  • Background Music: Add a custom sound system to your facility to play music through specific areas in the building
  • Paging Systems: Make sure all employees can easily communicate with each other with an effective paging system
  • Interactive Digital Signage: Display information in different areas of your building with various examples of things happening in your company that your employees can touch and interact with
  • Wireless Control Systems: Using integrated A/V technology can be made easier to use with the addition of wireless control systems
  • LED Video Display Panels: Present important company announcements to employees on quality video display panels
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Keep employees and company assets safe by having a video monitoring system customized to your facility installed
  • Sound Masking for Privacy: Give employees some privacy in the appropriate places in your company by adding sound masking
  • Acoustical Treatments in Meeting Spaces: In corporate environments such as meeting spaces, huddle rooms or conference areas – acoustical treatments can cancel out sound issues such as echoes or  reverberations.

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