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Published: May 25, 2022

Why AV Should Be Considered in Early Construction Phases

New construction projects are very complex in a way that usually involves several kinds of vendors and contractors. Each vendor needs to get their jobs done to the best of their ability. Audio-visual technologies are typically an afterthought in the construction plan but should be aforethought. When AV solutions are thought of in the pre-construction phase, it gives the contractors and vendors more creative freedom to assemble a completely customizable system that fits seamlessly into the new building to enhance the space.

One of the best ways to ensure new construction AV needs in a new building are met is to bring AV professionals in on construction projects much earlier. When a professional AV integrator is included early in the project team, it is easier to consider the best solutions for your workflows. Advanced technology planning will help architects design the best environments for all uses. Construction teams can build right the first time, avoiding rework caused by unexpected changes to accommodate technology decisions made too late in the project, such as wiring or accessibility.

Why work with new construction audiovisual professionals

When AV is included in your construction or renovation plans, you can avoid the need to make any infrastructure, electrical, or wiring adjustments that would be necessary later after the construction is complete. A big reason to consider audiovisual integration during design and construction has to do with the wiring framework. All AV and networking cables should be neatly hidden behind walls to create an efficient and discreet installation. When an AV vendor is involved with your needs from the beginning, the project’s workflow is enhanced by setting expectations and budgets upfront, minimizing the potential for any delays or revisions of the design when the process has already begun. Incorporating AV into your construction plans can yield a more cost-effective approach.

Choosing the right contractor to install your system is commonly more important than the cost or type of equipment you choose. The right vendor will ensure the proper use of hardware and the right cabling to provide a long-lasting, high-performance system for your specific needs.

Oftentimes, there is a misunderstanding that an A/V vendor’s work stops after the installation is complete. However, this is not the case with CSAV Systems. Our team is proud to provide extensive sound and video system services, including custom design, audio/visual integration, AV installation, system training, and continued service and support long after the installation is complete. We are here to provide you with professional A/V consultations and create and implement quality sound and video system solutions for your business. We work with architects and designers to integrate sound and video systems seamlessly within new construction and renovation projects.

From start to finish, our technicians, sales representatives, and front office staff will help make the entire process seamless by providing the full range of the highest quality in professionalism, technical knowledge, and installations. We are committed to serving with solutions, offering the best sound and video systems to strengthen the day-to-day operations and atmosphere at your facility.

CSAV systems provides great audio-visual services for you. CSAV Systems custom designs, installs, and services sound and video systems in New York, New Jersey, and other states. Contact CSAV Systems today for a Free Systems Analysis! 732-577-0077

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