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What Role Does Sound and Video Play in Simulation Labs?

Medical Simulation Labs Overview Walking into a medical simulation lab may seem no different than walking into any other hospital unit. Although you are dealing with manikins in a medical simulation lab, those manikins mimic the lifelike qualities of human patients – they cry, they talk, they breathe, they bleed, and they even have names.…
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Do You Need Help Improving Energy at your Fitness Center?

Are your gym members having trouble staying motivated while working out? Do your members need a distraction from their fatigue? Studies have shown when people listen to music at the gym they are more likely to be distracted from their signs of fatigue and experience a more efficient workout. (Learn more here) Audio/Visual systems such…
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Acoustical Treatments in your Business

Picture yourself at an event in a larger space, such as an auditorium, conference room, restaurant, or church. What does the surrounding room look like? Now, think about the value of audio in one of these rooms. In any of these spaces, being able to hear and understand audio clearly will have a direct correlation…
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