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How well does sound and video maintain your facility’s energy level?

Is music a driving force in your workout space?

Enhance the workout environment at your fitness center with the right Audio and Video system. We can provide background music that can be played throughout your entire facility, as well as systems that can set various moods in specific rooms. CSAV Systems can help you with any of your sound and video system needs for your fitness facility.

Solutions We Offer Fitness Clubs & Health Spas

  • Background Music
  • Satellite TV & Distribution Systems
  • Paging & Intercom System
  • Digital Signage
  • Wireless Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems

Further Detail..

  • Background Music: Play music throughout  your fitness center, or in designated rooms for those working out on their own/in a class to create a fun, motivating atmosphere 
  • Satellite TV & Distribution Systems: Allow people to have access to a multitude of different television channels while using the machines, or see the news in the lobby 
  • Paging & Intercom System: Make sure that all of the employees in your fitness center are able to get in touch with each other easily in case of an emergency, or to make an annoucement
  • Digital Signage: Show what new things are going on in your gym, or what the fitness class schedule is for that day through rotating photo images/integrated videos
  • Wireless Control Systems: Make working with all of your audio and video technology in your fitness center as easy possible  by having the right wireless control system for your staff to use 
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Keep an eye on your facility, staff, and gym members with a custom video surveillance system to aid you in keeping your fitness center in order and staff/gym members safe

Interactive Digital Signage!

Your staff can’t be everywhere at once. Digital signage helps you to communicate messages to your members at all times. These messages can be displayed on the main floor, in classrooms and even in locker rooms. Digital signage can help you to promote services, wellness programs, new classes and keep your members informed of changes in class schedules and club hours. Digital signage can also be used as a money-generating system by selling ad space to other businesses! Contact CSAV Systems today to find out how to leverage digital signage for your facility!

Running a fitness center is no easy task, but we want to help you make working with all of your audio and video technology as easy as possible.  CSAV Systems is here to help custom design-build the audio and video system that best meets the specific needs of your fitness center. Every fitness facility services different types of clients, runs a variety of classes, and distributes information to its members in its own way. Make sure that the technology you are using to help your facility run is exactly what you need by contacting CSAV Systems.

Give us a call at 732-577-0077 for a FREE analysis of your current system. 

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