Sound Reinforcement

Sound reinforcement can be complex to install, yet a simple system to utilize. It has the capability of reaching an audience of hundreds or even thousands, using multiple microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers and processors. On the other hand, sound reinforcement can be a small Public Address “PA” System with only using a few components. Proper design and installation is the key to blending technology to properly match the environment in which it is needed.

Facilities We Work With

  • Houses of Worship
  • School Auditoriums
  • School Athletic Fields
  • Corporate Conference Rooms
  • Arenas or Stadiums

Further Detail...

  • Houses of Worship: Houses of worship have sermons- a multitude of speeches and music going on during every service; Sound reinforcement that is easy to work, is necessary to help church volunteers aid the pastor in running the service
  • School Auditoriums:  Audio in a school auditorium needs to be crisp and clear, whether it be for an assembly presentation, school plays, talent shows, or musicals
  • School Athletic Fields: School athletic fields have a combination of different things that can cause issues for the necessary quality of sound; sound reinforcements eliminates and manages echo and environmental challenges
  • Corporate Conference Rooms/Halls: Different types of sound reinforcement can be used to make sure that those speaking in your conference room or hall can be heard clearly without feedback, especially when there may be more than one person who needs to have a microphone to speak
  • Arenas or Stadiums: In an arena or stadium all sound needs to be heard throughout the entire arena in the exact same way no matter where someone is standing; sound reinforcement is necessary to cover all of the necessary ground properly

Overall, this audio system reinforces the desired sound being presented to make it louder, clearer and distributed evenly to the audience.

Sound reinforcement is necessary to make sure that your sound is being heard clearly by all who visit your facility. There are a multitude of things that are going on when music or speech may be going on that can detract from what people are supposed to be hearing. CSAV Systems is here to custom design the right Sound Reinforcement system for your facility to make sure all of your audio needs are being met.


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