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How Can Acoustical Treatments Improve Your Business?

Think back to the last time you sat in a large space,
like an auditorium or conference room.

Were you able to enjoy the speaker or music loud & clear?

Were there any disrupting echoes?

The Uses & Benefits

Every room will have a multitude of different challenges because of the various designs. Most of the time, the problems revolve around the same issues: acoustics.

Acoustical treatments can help eliminate the echoes, reverberations or other acoustical issues in various spaces, which can improve the overall sound quality within your business establishment.

CSAV Systems has products that can solve these acoustical problems such as acoustic diffusion, acoustical absorption, sound barriers, isolation platforms, and complete room treatment systems for commercial facilities.

We can also custom design systems for sound control and sound dampening in your business/facility.

Let the sound professionals at CSAV Systems show you the right way to eliminate your acoustic problems, giving you the sound that you have always been looking for.

CSAV systems also offers Assistive Hearing Systems. It can reduce or eliminate the background noise, which allows those with hearing difficulties to hear what they are supposed to be hearing crystal clear.

Acoustical Treatment Applications

  • Auditoriums
  • Banquet Halls
  • Health & Fitness Facilities
  • Offices
  • Theaters
  • Conference Rooms
  • Recording/Mixing Studios
  • Warehouses

Acoustical Treatment Breakdown

  • Acoustic Diffusion (Diffusor): Acoustic Diffusion can be used in your facility to help reduce echoes and does not remove sound energy from the space.
  • Acoustic Absorption: Use acoustic absorption, or sound absorption, to intake the extra sound waves that travel throughout a room and make speech clear to hear.
  • Sound Barriers: Install sound barriers to cancel out loud noises from pieces of equipment in your industrial facility.
  • Isolation Platforms: Help diminish structural vibrations in a room by using isolation platforms.

Being able to hear spoken word and music clear and crisp is very important to many different businesses for their own specific reasons.
Recording and mixing studios need to have the right acoustics in order to get the right sound for the music that they are recording.
Conference rooms and theaters need acoustical treatments to ensure those who give presentations, and speak/sing on stage are able to be heard clearly by those listening to them without excessive echoing, or disturbances from other sounds by those listening to them.

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