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Projection and Display

Are your presentations projecting high quality images and information to your screen?

Do you ever have issues with your monitors when setting up a presentation or conference?

Are the desired images large and clear enough to make the best possible appearance?

Projection and display monitors are extremely imperative when hosting a conference, a meeting or displaying important information to an audience. The look and functionality of these systems can create a strong first impression of your business to your target market. Recommending the best quality components, CSAV Systems can assure your company that the equipment you need will be fully functional, easy to operate, creating crystal clear pictures you are looking to share. Our technicians can install the equipment, effectively train your staff, and support the organization if any challenges were to arise.

Further Details

  • Corporate Facilities: Use large projection screens to present and distribute information on a larger scale with crystal clear picture and sound during board meetings, staff brainstorming sessions and client meetings within your conference rooms and meeting areas at your corporate office.
  • Industrial Facilities: Use electronic visual displays in industrial facilities and warehouses to present important information to your staff within conference rooms. With ceiling mounted projectors and large screen projection systems in conference rooms within your warehouse, you can effectively communicate messages to your entire team, without having to worry about noise disruptions from your warehouse.
  • Hospitality Venues: Project a video montage at a wedding within your reception venue, play a photo collage for a birthday celebration within private rooms at your restaurant, or present any other kind of information for seminars being held in your hotel, with easy to operate equipment for your hospitality venue.
  • Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals: Enhance training facilities, hospital meetings rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums by having quality projection and display technology to hold better employee training sessions, seminars and conferences.
  • Assisted Living Facilities: Utilize large screen projection systems and ceiling mounted projectors to entertain your residents within your assisted living facility, nursing home or adult community. Projection screens in senior living facilities can be used within theater rooms, meeting spaces and activity rooms.
  • Golf and Country Clubs: Presentations, videos and other informative information can be displayed on projection screens to inform or entertain your country clubs’ members and guests. Having projection screens installed in your ballroom or meeting spaces in your golf and country clubs can allow for presentations or videos to be seen and heard clearly by all.
  • Churches and Houses of Worship: Utilize projection screen at your Church or House of Worship, so that all members of your congregation can follow along with the lyrics of songs, readings, messages, and other important parts of the service.
  • Educational Facilities: Projection screens and ceiling mounted projectors can be the perfect asset to assisting in class lectures or presentations in your classroom. Bring large groups of students, faculty and staff members together to display videos and important information via large screen projection screens within your auditorium. Education facilities can benefit from having the latest projection screen and projector systems, by keeping students engaged while easily displaying and communicating messages.

CSAV Systems also deals in PA, Intercom and Paging Systems. CSAV Systems is here to help you choose what form of communication could be the right option for your workplace

Projection screens, projector systems and display technologies all play an integral part in business, whether it be in aiding department heads who want to deliver new information through strong visuals to their employees, assisting in large group presentations, or simply used for entertainment purposes.

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CSAV Systems is here to custom design the right sound and video system solutions that fit your company’s needs.

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