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Projection and Display

Are your presentations projecting high quality images and information to your screen?

Do you ever have issues with your monitors when setting up a presentation or conference?

Are the desired images large and clear enough to make the best possible appearance?

Projection and display monitors are extremely imperative when hosting a conference, a meeting or displaying important information to an audience. The look and functionality of these systems can create a strong first impression of your business to your target market.

Recommending the best quality components, CSAV Systems can assure your company that the equipment you need will be fully functional,
easy to operate, creating crystal clear pictures you are looking to share. Our technicians can install the equipment, effectively train your staff,
and support the organization if any challenges were to arise.

Facilities We Work With

  • Corporate Facilities
  • Mall and Retail
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Further Details

  • Corporate Facilities: Present and distribute information on a larger scale with crystal clear picture and sound during board meetings, staff brainstorming sessions, and client meetings
  • Mall and Retail: Use electronic visual displays in malls and inside specific retail outlets to show advertising from the store, or communicate to your customers about exclusive deals and sales that are going on
  • Hospitality Venues: Project a video montage at a wedding, play a photo collage for a birthday celebration, or present any other kind of presentation for an event with easy to operate equipment that gives the right finishing touch
  • Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals: Enhance training facilities, hospital meetings rooms, lobbies, and patient rooms by having quality projection and display technology to hold better employee training sessions, and provide entertainment for patients and their families during their time in your facility

Projection and display technologies play an integral part in business whether it be in aiding department heads who want to deliver new information through strong visuals to their employees, or to provide future patients with entertainment while they are waiting for a doctor.

CSAV Systems is here to custom design and build what visual technology your company needs.

Want to know what we can do for you? Contact CSAV today for a Free Systems Analysis! 732-577-0077