Assistive Hearing Systems

Induction Loop Systems

Are your presentations heard clearly by everyone in the audience?

Do you have individuals who require hearing assistance systems?

Loop systems are the more popular form of assistive hearing systems because they do not require individuals to wear specific equipment or ask to borrow communal devices, which would identify the user as different or defective. The hearing loop assists individuals, who use hearing aids that are equipped with t-coils, to hear sounds from a PA system transmitted directly to their hearing aid. How does it do this? It reduces and sometimes eliminates the background noise.

How does the Induction Loop System work?

First, the spoken word is picked up by a microphone. That sound, is then sent through an amplifier, which sends the sound through the induction loop and wire, which are placed around the perimeter of a room. The induction loop and wire act like an antenna, which sends the magnetic signal directly to the individual’s hearing aid.

Advantages of a Loop System?

  • Virtually Unlimited Amount of Users: there is no limit as to the number of users who can use the system at one time.
  • Discrete: users do not have to advertise their disability by asking for and borrowing headphones.
  • More Personalized System: listeners can use their own hearing aids.
  • Less Maintenance: businesses or venues do not have to purchase, maintain, sanitize or repair individual items like headphones or receivers, such as those used with infrared or FM systems.
  • Clarity & Understanding: improvement in clarity and understanding is mutually beneficial to the business and the individuals.

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