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XM Music for Business

Play Network is the premier global provider of customized media solutions for retail, hospitality, health & fitness, banking, and other business environments. You have the ability for complete control of your XM Music and messaging using the client online account.

Play Network reaches more than 8 million customers daily! CSAV Systems can integrate XM into your system design.

Benefits of Business XM Music

  • Have access to a multitude of commercial-free music channels to play in your facility that corresponds to the atmosphere that you.
    are trying to create for your customer/visitor experience.
  • Easily manage XM Music at multiple locations from a central location through the web.
  • All music being played in your business is fully licensed.
  • Explore custom branded messaging to your customers through audio and/or video.
  • Have music playing while someone is on hold.

Facilities We Work With

  • Malls and Retail Stores
  • Banks
  • Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
  • Fitness Centers
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Corporate Facilities

Every business and facility has a different daily process and specific needs that have to be met throughout the day in order for the facility to function at its full potential. The access to specific music channels that have been created by professionals to enhance your environment will aid your facility in creating the perfect atmosphere to encompass your business. Having the full package keeps those who come to your facility continuing to come back again and again.

CSAV Systems is here to aid you in creating that full package that your business wants to present to your visitors, or customers, on a regular basis. Using XM music for business will give you access to fully licensed music and branded messaging through video, or audio, to continue that necessary interaction between the consumer, or visitor, with your facility. Combining XM music for business into your audio and video system is the next step in taking your business to the next level.

CSAV Systems aslo design Sound Reinforcement systems for your facility to make sure all your audio needs are being met.

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