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Published: Jun 04, 2020

Business COVID Ready Entry Package

How are you going to ensure that your facility is COVID Ready?

As you reopen your business doors – your employees, guests, and clients are going to need direction as to your facility’s health and safety guidelines and regulations. Reinforce desired behavior to all those who enter into your facility through digital signage displays at your business’ entryways, lobbies, and access points.

Does your business have a plan in place for communicating health and safety guidelines to all those who enter through your facility?

Our team at CSAV Systems can offer a Business COVID Entry Package customized to your business market. We offer a base package, which includes a 50-inch display installed in various entryways and access points within your facility. With a high-quality digital signage display, media player and all the accessories to make your display accessible, CSAV Systems is here to be your all-in-one solution for communicating vital information that can help guide those who enter into your business. Digital signage is optimal for ensuring that your facility is communicating messages clearly to your visitors from the moment they walk in your doors.

Business COVID Ready Entry PackageWhat is included in the Business COVID Ready Entry Package?

Through our cost-effective package, our team at CSAV Systems not only installs your digital signage display, but we also offer a managed service agreement. We provide maintenance and operational updates on your displays, while also creating, updating, and scheduling your digital signage content to reflect the latest health and safety guidelines. With medical professionals on staff, our team can have remote access to updating all of your essential COVID-19 information as it develops from the CDC, as well as local and federal government updates.

We work with you to not only create health and safety content for your digital signage displays but also to understand your business policy information so that we can create eye-catching content that is specific to your business. We are here to ensure that your protocols are clearly displayed for all those walking through your facility’s entrances.

CSAV Systems and Digital Signage Displays

We work with businesses including Churches and Houses of Worship, Corporate Offices, Municipalities/Government Offices, Education Facilities, Restaurant, and Hospitality Venues, Funeral Homes, Property Management Companies, Arenas and any other business market. Our goal at CSAV Systems is to help communicate your important messages in an engaging way, through high-quality sound and video systems.

With values beyond displaying health and safety guidelines, digital signage displays can serve as a long-term investment for your business to also display important business information, as well as serve as a marketing tool for sharing new announcements and events. “Serving with Solutions,” our team at CSAV Systems is here to help provide the right technology solutions that can help support communicating vital COVID-19 information and additional customized information geared toward your business.

How can CSAV Systems help make your facility’s entryways COVID ready? Call us today at 732-577-0077 or fill out our Free Systems Analysis to learn how we can help!

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