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Published: Apr 05, 2022

Top Conference Room Audio Visual Design Tips

When it comes to hosting a video conferencing meeting, there are many things to consider that ensure your meeting will run smoothly and efficiently. One of the most critical components of setting up your video conferencing meeting is ensuring that all the audiovisual systems are functioning and fully optimized. Without the necessary conference room A/V solutions, your meeting would not be possible.

When designing your conference room, conference room solutions such as microphones, cameras, display monitors, speakers, and control panels come into play. While it’s important to integrate professional audiovisual systems within your conference room, it is equally important to first understand the goals of your conference room setup. Continue reading to learn about the top conference room audio visual design tips before designing your conference room.


The WHY: Identify the WHY

Why are you looking to install or upgrade your conference room AV solutions? What is it that you are looking to achieve? Whether you are looking to host training sessions, large-scale team meetings, presentations, or client meetings, it is important to map out why you are looking to upgrade your conference room. Once you can answer these questions, you will better understand what audiovisual solutions will help enhance your conference room.


Size and Scope in AV Design

Map out the meeting room size. Audiovisual solutions in huddle rooms and small conference rooms will look completely different from those in large conference rooms and training rooms. Every space has its unique architectural design, and professional audiovisual consultants can work with you to help you find the best AV solutions to fit within your size and scope of the space.


Aesthetic Design

The design of your sound and video systems within your conference room can be simple or complex. From display monitors to ceiling-mounted monitors – there are so many possibilities for how the technologies can fit within your meeting room. AV systems in your conference room should complement the space in terms of the layout, sizing, or design of the systems.


Conference Room AV Design Cost:

When considering the solutions for your conference room, it is important to choose solutions that meet your budget while also ensuring that you are making the proper investment for a long-term solution. Choosing the right audiovisual consultant to design, install and integrate conference room AV solutions for your business can make for efficient and effective meetings.


Contact a Conference Room AV Design Consultant

At CSAV Systems, our team works with you to help you find the best solutions within your conference room.
We work beside our clients to listen to their goals when designing a conference room and provide our professional audiovisual recommendations.

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