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Published: Mar 15, 2019

5 Ways to Improve Your Hotel Guests’ Stay with Professional Sound and Video Systems

Audio-visual systems are used every day in the hotel industry. Having professional sound and video systems can set your hotel apart from your competitors; whether it’s providing background music for guests in the lobby, digital signage displays around the various floors or using projection screens for presentations at events and seminars.

If you are looking to take your luxury hotel to the next level, check out our list below for how you can improve your guests’ stay by providing innovative hospitality audio-visual technology solutions.

1. Communicate Messages Effectively with Digital Signage Displays

Do you have restaurants or bars within your hotel? Are you looking for ways to advertise dinner or drink specials? Using digital signage displays, you can communicate menus, promotions, and specials throughout your lobby or various floors within the hotel. Digital signage can open new doors for your hotel’s advertising, as you can create custom messages such as video menu boards, promote your hotel services and amenities, and display other interactive content. Click here to learn more about digital signage displays.

CSAV Systems works with Brightsign Media to deliver quality digital signage displays in commercial businesses. We custom design, install and service digital signage for your luxury hotel.


2. Ensure That Business Events Runs Smoothly

Large, luxury hotels typically are multi-purpose. While they are a getaway for out-of-towners, they also can be the location for business professionals to come together for work conferences or seminars. Having a projection screen during a business conference could serve as the foundation of a presentation. How many times were you at a business event where there were issues with video screens and sound systems? CSAV Systems offers Having a professional A/V system installed in your conference rooms and event spaces can help ensure your event runs seamlessly. Whether you need audio-visual installation or repairs, CSAV Systems is here to provide solutions for your commercial audiovisual system.


3. Check-One, Check-Two… Are your Microphones in Check?

When it comes to special occasion events such as weddings, having a professional microphone and sound system is imperative for speeches. When your microphones and sound system are in check, it allows for everyone to clearly understand and feel the excitement and emotion that is delivered in a speech. Having a quality sound system for hotels can keep your guests’ attention and will eliminate distractions during speeches or any additional sound issues such as echoes or buzzing/humming noises. CSAV Systems can provide the right sound system for your reception venue to ensure that speeches are heard and understood clearly. CSAV Systems can service your existing sound system and provide upgrades when necessary.


4. Consistency is Key – Does your Hotel Have Professional Audio-Visual Systems Throughout the Entire Facility?

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We understand that hotels are multi-faceted – for example, there are lobbies, bars, restaurant and lounge areas, several floors of hotel rooms, outside pool area, conference rooms, and reception venues. How do hospitality sound and video systems contribute to every area within your hotel? At CSAV Systems, we provide professional sound systems such as PA Systems and Intercoms can help guests stay informed with imperative announcements throughout every area in your hotel. In addition, having a consistent sound system to play background audio for your hotel can help contribute to your hotel’s atmosphere.


5. Grab Attention Using Video Walls

What’s a sure way to grab your guests’ attention?

Video walls.

Staying on the cutting edge of technological updates can set your hotel apart from others. Having a video wall within your hotel can be a centerpiece of attention in the lounge or bar area and can help guests feel welcome.

Whether you are showing an interactive display or playing a big sporting event, video walls can bring your guests together to enjoy whatever content is being shown. Click here to learn more about video wall solutions that CSAV Systems can offer for your commercial business.


At CSAV Systems, we offer a variety of audio-visual solutions for hotels such as Wireless Microphones, digital signage, audio speakers, video control panels, video surveillance, background music, video walls, hotel paging & intercom systems, digital signage, video teleconferencing, large screen projection systems. CSAV Systems services commercial audiovisual solutions in New Jersey, New York, and other states.

To learn more about the markets we serve or the services we provide, click here. For your Free System Analysis, call (732) 577-0077 or visit

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