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Published: Mar 18, 2021

A/V Systems That Are Essential for Your School

Does your school have all its audio and visual needs? CSAV Systems is here to provide your school with innovative solutions to promote an engaging atmosphere for your students.  

Proper audio/visual equipment is essential for your school operations to run smoothly. From inside your classroom to cafeterias, lecture halls, auditoriums, or athletic fields, there are custom audio/visual systems to fit all your educational needs. It is highly beneficial for your students and staff to have the right technology available to them. See the list below to learn about the four audio/visual solutions your School needs. 

1. Live Streaming in Classrooms

Live streaming and video conferencing systems for your classrooms are vital for students and educators to stay connected. Live streaming allows students to feel like they are truly present in the classroom when they are learning remotely. Our virtual systems can offer screen sharing, lesson recording, and one-on-one video calls for students and teachers to communicate. This promotes students having an actively present and engaged class time no matter where they are learning. At CSAV Systems, we can provide virtual student solutions to promote a safe and healthy learning environment. 

2. Paging & Intercom Systems throughout your School

Paging and intercom systems are crucial tools for a school to communicate efficiently. Paging systems are a powerful tool for reaching a large number of people during an emergency. On the other hand, intercom systems provide two-way interaction between people. Whether you need to make a mass announcement to the whole school or you are trying to deliver a message to a specific individual, CSAV Systems is here to provide your school with the best form of communication through our custom design PA and Intercom Systems.

3. Video Surveillance in your School

CSAV Systems can supply your school with a video surveillance system that includes monitors and functioning cameras that will best fit your needs. Cameras can be installed inside or outside your school, securing all areas of your education facility. In the case of footage needing to be reviewed, our video surveillance system provides the feature for your staff to be able to go back and review surveillance footage at any given time. CSAV Systems is here to ensure that you receive the highest quality video surveillance system that helps keep your students, faculty, and staff safe.

4. Video Walls

Video Walls are the latest technology that your school could be utilizing in multipurpose areas or large lecture halls. Video walls can be installed in elementary schools, private schools, higher education, and colleges and universities. Video walls are a great way to display school events that are upcoming or important messages you would like your staff and students to see. Our team can design, build, and install LED video walls specific to your school. 

CSAV Systems is here to provide the right audio/visual solutions for your school in New Jersey, New York City, and other states. Installing high-quality live streaming, paging systems, video surveillance, and video walls will create a perfect learning environment for your students. CSAV Systems can custom design A/V for your school while meeting your technology requirements. Give us a call today at 732-577-0077 or click here for a Free Systems Analysis

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