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Published: Mar 15, 2019

3 Video Tech Trends that are Revolutionizing Business

Technology is constantly changing. Today, businesses compete by pushing the limitations on innovation and exploring how they can evolve, setting new expectations within their industry.

The on-going advancements of technology make it difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest. Ranging from video walls to teleconferencing systems, the business growth opportunities are endless, especially now that technology is becoming smarter.

Did You Know… Monitors are more than just TV screens?

Businesses are always looking for ways to advertise their brands. Traditionally posters, billboards, and print have been used to attract the attention of target markets, but since the growth of technology, there has been a larger shift over to digital advertising and branding.

Digital signage, video walls & teleconferencing systems are only a few of the technologies becoming more significant in businesses across various markets. Monitors have become more than just a TV screen, as they have adapted into a platform of opportunity.

The switch to Digital Signage:

Monitors have become a multi-use platform for businesses; with capabilities ranging from something as simple as displaying art, to more complicated such as displaying announcements or calendars for employees.

When it comes to digital signage the opportunities are endless because of media players. Media players are the brain behind the digital signage. This software is what allows the user to create and manipulate content displayed on the monitor; whether it be a single menu board or multiple working parts such as a video playing to advertise your company.

At CSAV, we recommend BrightSign Media Players because they are user-friendly, and they offer products that cover everything from the basics for digital signage to the most advanced opportunities.

Video Walls, the next level of Innovation?

Video walls are taking digital signage to the next level. This technology is comprised of multiple monitors which are matrixed together. The seamless integration of the numerous monitors allows the users to use each screen individually or use them all at the same time.

CSAV worked with Jersey Shore University Medical Center to install a video wall comprised of 9 55” Planar Clarity Max monitors in their newly opened HOPE tower. Check out the installation below:

The uses of video walls range from displaying single videos across the entire platform, to using the individual monitors to present different photos or advertisements all at once. This technology can also be used as a touch screen allowing it even more capabilities, engagement, and impact on the user.

Today we are seeing these videos walls being used a lot in healthcare facilities, retail locations, hospitality industry, and even educational facilities.

The Advancement of Teleconferencing

In the past, conferencing meant a simple phone call, then it advanced to video calls and now it has become an intricate combination of the two and is on the way to transforming into smart technology.

Teleconferencing is growing so quickly, because of new capabilities such as an active speaker, which is when the video stream automatically switches to display the person who is speaking on the call.

In addition, video conferencing allows the user to simultaneously show and reference their content whenever needed. These features along with many others are what enable companies to engage in impact conversations.

Teleconferencing makes the world a smaller place and successfully allows employees to communicate no matter where they are located; this technology is helping businesses become more efficient in their functionality, grow quickly and ultimately become more successful.

Markets that Benefit from Video Technology:

Corporate Offices

Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals

Education Facilities

Malls & Retail

Entertainment Facilities

Houses of Worship

Arenas & Stadiums

Funeral Homes


Fitness Centers


Simulation Labs

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