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Published: Oct 26, 2015

Professional A/V vs. Home Stereo: You Deserve the Best Results

How well would you do if you drove your brand new, stock Corvette out of the showroom and onto a NASCAR track? IF they let you run the car in the race—although it would be immediately disqualified for a number of reasons—you would not do well and, most likely, this consumer vehicle would not survive the race. The engine would rev at the starting line and you may handle the terrain, but there is no doubt the professionals would run circles around you. If you tried to keep up, you very well might blow your engine or crash & burn. This is often the case when people choose to use home stereo “consumer” products to fulfill their professional “commercial” sound needs.

Consider the story of a church who had a tight budget and rather than invest $12,000 in a new sound system with a professional A/V contractor, they went with a home A/V company that bid $9,000. When the system was turned on in an empty facility, it appeared to work well and worked well for a few weeks. However, when the stress of a full-house came upon the facility, the system failed and the Pastor of the church chose never to turn it on again. Fingers were pointed, accusations were made and the bottom line is the system never met the true needs of the congregation.

Five years later, almost to the day, the Pastor called the professional contractor who had originally bid the job properly and hired them at $13,579.00 to replace the entire system, which since has functioned flawlessly. The total expenditure came out to $24,557.00 (double the cost of what it could have been) and 5 years of no sound for this small church.


In today’s economy we see more and more home, stereo contractors, trying to grab every piece of business to keep their doors open and they are reaching into a realm they know little about. Commercial sound & video is an entirely different animal and hiring a home stereo provider to install a professional system, no matter how many home systems they have installed, is like hiring an Eskimo to bartend because he knows something about ice.

On occasion, we lose a potential client to a home stereo vendor. Often times, we get a call back a year or two later for help to clean up the mess. The system previously installed may have sounded or looked good at first, but as the needs and stresses of the commercial application arise, the system value (or lack thereof) is realized and often catastrophic failure at a critical moment ensues.


This is a long term decision and often an important and possibly sizable investment in your business. Find a professional who has experience in and a clear focus on the commercial A/V industry and you are far more likely to get what you need and deserve in a pro sound & video system. The success of your business in many cases may count on the performance of the systems you chose to have installed.

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