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Published: Nov 03, 2023

Esport AV: 3 Types of Essential Equipment for Esports

Esport AV equipment is the key to thriving in the booming world of Esports. The term “Esports” has recently been taking the nation by storm, leaving many wondering how they can participate in this new trending phenomenon. Esports is short for electronic sports and is targeted at all those gamers out there. A big part of why Esports is doing so well in today’s market is that anyone from anywhere can view tournaments and compete online.

Even though it is accessible to anyone with a WIFI connection, just like any other sport, you still need the proper equipment to participate. Whether you are trying to play for your school’s team or to play as an individual, it is essential to have the complete setup to play with confidence. Since Esports is fully online, the equipment needed to play will be primarily audio and visual solutions to not only enhance the AV experience but also compete and give it your best shot at winning an Esports game and representing your organization.

Essential Esport AV Equipment

Display Monitor 

Arguably the most important piece of equipment to get started would be to invest in a high-quality monitor. A monitor is a crucial element of your Esport AV setup. This is because when playing for an organization such as your school, they will need to connect various computers to the monitor. The display monitor must be able to ensure smooth visuals at a quick speed. 


Microphones and cameras also play a huge role in the Esports arena. Being able to clearly hear and see teammates or what the competition is doing is a tactic that should not be overlooked. These features can also be used to add commentary for live streaming, enhancing the overall Esport AV experience and createing more engaging content for viewers and fans tuning in to watch and cheer on their favorite players. 

Networking Equipment

All these pieces of equipment mean nothing unless you have access to a stable network source. A stable router and network is essential for Esports because a spotty network source can be the downfall of a competition and can be extremely frustrating. 

Contact CSAV Systems to Build a Custom Esport AV Setup

In a rapidly evolving world of competitive gaming and technology, ensuring that your Esports set-up is optimized for peak performance is crucial. If your school or organization is looking to invest in high quality audio and visual solutions for their Esports team, contact CSAV Systems for a custom design setup. Our team can provide any of the services mentioned above and so much more. Call us at 732-577-0077 for a free estimate. We want to be on your team!

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