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Published: Aug 16, 2018

Acoustical Treatments in your Business

Picture yourself at an event in a larger space, such as an auditorium, conference room, restaurant, or church. What does the surrounding room look like? Now, think about the value of audio in one of these rooms. In any of these spaces, being able to hear and understand audio clearly will have a direct correlation with your experience. Whether it’s someone projecting their voice to an audience, background music playing to set the ambiance at your restaurant, or communicating with coworkers on a conference call, having the right acoustics is crucial in any business. Acoustical treatments can help eliminate reverberation, echoes, or any other issues relating to acoustics in your environment.

What is the Acoustical Value of your Environment?

Every room has its own acoustical value. Some spaces are highly reverberant, meaning there are echoes, making the sound difficult to articulate. On the other hand, some spaces have ‘dead’ sound, meaning the room is very quiet. Environments that have high reverberance typically have hard surfaces, from the floors to the walls, to the ceiling. Examples of these spaces include churches, houses of worship, auditoriums, dance studios, fitness centers, or larger conference rooms.

View this Video to Learn More About Acoustical Treatments Provided by CSAV Systems

In this video, Glen J. Dalakian, CEO and President of CSAV Systems, discusses how acoustical treatments can solve sound issues. CSAV Systems recommends carpeting, drapery, and drop tiled ceiling as a good starting point to improving your acoustical environment. If your space cannot utilize these benefits, acoustical treatments are recommended for improving your sound.

Acoustical Treatments offered at CSAV Systems

  • Acoustic Diffusion (Diffusor): Acoustic Diffusion can help reduce echoes.
  • Acoustical Absorption: Acoustical absorption, otherwise known as sound absorption, intakes the extra sound waves that travel throughout a room. Acoustical absorption makes speech easy, clear, and concise to hear.
  • Sound Barriers: Sound Barriers cancel out loud noises from pieces of equipment in your facility.
  • Isolation Platforms: Isolation Platforms help diminish structural vibrations in a room.

CSAV Systems and Acoustical Treatmentsacoustical treatments

At CSAV Systems, we can provide acoustical treatments to master an environment, making the sound more pleasant for everyone’s experience. The acoustical panels provided by CSAV Systems are designed to be durable and solid while matching the size and shape of the space in your environment. Acoustical treatment applications provided by CSAV Systems have custom fabric finishes, so these sound panels can also match the color and décor of your environment.

Our certified technicians at CSAV Systems are here to eliminate your sound issues at your business or facility. Learn more about acoustical treatment applications at CSAV Systems, by visiting

For your free system analysis, call 732-577-0077 or visit CSAV Systems is located at 283 State Route 34, Colts Neck, NJ 07722.

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