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Published: Sep 20, 2022

3 Benefits to Hiring an AV Vendor

Oftentimes, when you think about audio visual solutions within your business you are faced with a decision – can the systems be installed by your internal AV department or would it benefit your business to invest in hiring an AV vendor. If you are looking for something as simple as getting a small monitor for your break room, you may look to make the purchase on your own. However, when it comes to installing audio visual solutions that are unique and custom to your facility, there are many benefits to hiring an AV vendor as opposed to providing a DIY solution. 

Continue reading to learn about three benefits to working with a professional AV vendor.

More opportunities for custom design and integration

When you work with an AV consultant on your sound and video system projects, there is the ability to create for a completely customized solution that supports the purpose of your space. Having an AV consultant to manage your audiovisual installations and upgrades can allow for more unique and complex technologies, while also taking into consideration all the possible upgrades and changes to be made in the future. 

Having a professional AV vendor to not only install sound and video technologies, but also engineer and integrate the systems within your space is critical to creating the right atmosphere that meets all your technology requirements. When it comes to high-level solutions such as video walls, ceiling retreating monitors, video conferencing systems for various conference rooms – it is so important to understand that importance and value of a professional av vendor.  

While systems may appear complex, a good audiovisual vendor will allow for a complex system to be extremely user friendly and easy to operate. Installing control panels can help ensure you and your team can turn the technologies on and off and manage the settings with just a click of a button.

AV Covered Under Warranty

Another added benefit to partnering with an AV vendor for any audiovisual installation projects, is having your systems within a warranty. While warranties may differ from vendor to vendor, finding a reputable audiovisual consultant with a solid warranty can save your company valuable time and money in the long run. Having peace of mind knowing that your systems are installed properly and protected within a warranty period, is a huge added benefit. 

At CSAV Systems, we offer an exclusive 3-Year Warranty on newly installed av systems. Our Three-Year Warranty states that CSAV Systems will repair or replace any defective equipment or workmanship.

Audiovisual Consultations in New Jersey

Training and Support on Systems

In many cases, when your company installs AV internally there may be scenarios where some employees or guests are not trained on how to control and adjust the systems. In other cases, it may be unknown who to call when the systems are not working properly. When you partner with an AV vendor, there is a clear understanding of who to call when you need support or service on your systems. 

At CSAV Systems, our team not only offers support and service to your system after the installation is complete, but we also provide training on newly installed audio visual technologies, to ensure that your team can easily operate and manage the av on a day-to-day basis.

Additional services that our team can provide include on-site support during important video conference meetings to ensure a successful presentation. If your business is looking to upgrade the audio visual systems within various spaces, it is so important to consider hiring a professional AV consultant to handle all your sound and video system needs.

Located in New Jersey, CSAV Systems serves as the leader in the AV industry. Offering custom design solutions, installation and integration, service and support, CSAV Systems can offer your business quality technologies that can elevate your business atmosphere, while also supporting day-to-day essential operations.

Offering an exclusive 3-Year Warranty and customized managed service agreements, CSAV Systems can meet your AV requirements and also provide innovative and quality technology solutions. Give us a call today at 732-577-0077 or click here for a Free Systems Analysis.

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