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Published: Jun 11, 2020

Tips for Live Streaming Church Services

Prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus many Churches were already streaming their services live on their websites or social media. However, due to the recent shelter in place orders, all Churches and Houses of Worship are now faced with the decision to either find a way to offer virtual services to their members or pause church services altogether. 

For Churches who were already streaming, this was an easy adjustment, however, there may be a need to perfect their delivery. For Houses of Worship that had not previously streamed services live, they are now faced with the need to quickly adapt.

Keep reading, to learn more about your options for live streaming church services, and what to expect.


Technology Needed to Live Stream Church Services

At CSAV Systems, we provide the necessary technology solutions for Church and live streaming solutions in New Jersey, New York, and other states. Having high-quality technologies are extremely important for video presentations, such as religious services. Whether it is a simple live streaming system or a more extensive system, our team can work with your House of Worship to create a custom live streaming solution, specific to your needs. We provide the camera system, camera wall mount, camera controller, streaming interface, and all the additional hardware, cables, and connectors to bring your live streaming system to life. We provide permanent installations for various levels of live streaming, that meets your system requirements and operational expectations. 


Live Streaming Platforms for Churches & Houses of Worship

Live streaming is ideal for churches looking to continue to stream services for their congregation even while they are unable to meet in person due to COVID-19. They are also ideal in the future to enable members of your church to attend services even if they are home sick or traveling. Live streaming also makes it possible for those who don’t live in your area to virtually attend your church services. These platforms also give you the ability to make your church services available as video on demand so members can go back and watch services they may have missed or want to re-watch. 

There are many streaming services available to consumers, some of which are dedicated to houses of worship and others that offer general streaming services. Some things to consider when choosing a streaming service platform is whether it allows you to embed videos on your website, share them to social media, store videos for future replays, and where your church members can watch your services. Some platforms that are dedicated to churches also offer live chat features, prayer request plug-ins, Bible and scripture integrations, and video analytics.


Streaming Service Platforms:

Of course, there are plethora of options to stream your church services, two great options include:

YouTube: In order to live stream on YouTube, you must first have a YouTube account. Once you have that set up, all you need to do is go into your Creator Studio and click Stream Now to get started streaming your videos through YouTube.

Facebook: Similar to YouTube you’ll need a Facebook account for your church in order to begin a live stream. Once that is set up, You’ll need to connect the live stream to your device so you can begin streaming. Full directions for this process can be found here.


Technology Needed for Live Streaming

The websites and platforms above will give you the ability to live stream your Church Services, but the tools needed don’t stop there. Unless you’re okay with poor sound and video quality, you need to have more equipment than your cell phone. This is where CSAV Systems comes in. We offer three levels of live streaming: 

  • Basic Package – Our Basic Live Streaming Package consists of a one-touch solution, where member(s) of your congregation can easily control the production of the live streaming, with just a push of a button. CSAV Systems provides and installs a pane tilt zoom camera along with a simple integrator that allows for you to program your services online.
  • Advanced Level – Our Advanced Level of Live Streaming provides more capabilities for camera angles. CSAV Systems can install a switching system, which allows for you to add graphics and other computer content into your stream. Within the Advanced Level of Live Streaming, a second camera can be installed to provide for a more professional solution.
  • Production Level – Our Production Level Package is our highest level of live streaming. CSAV Systems provides and installs an advanced switcher and computer software for editing, as well as a third or fourth camera. Having multiple cameras can provide for a very dynamic and high quality finished product with high production value.


CSAV Systems – A/V Consultant for Houses of Worship

At CSAV Systems, we can custom design and install high-quality streaming systems and cameras for your Church or other House of Worship. Doing so will help you to increase your reach and allow for your members and audience to feel connected to your service even if they are miles away. Live streaming solutions can serve as a great resource during times of crisis and will also allow members who are sick or injured to still participate in services from their homes. 

“Serving with Solutions,” CSAV Systems is here to provide high quality live streaming systems for your Church or House of Worship. We provide custom design live streaming solutions, installations, A/V integration, training on your systems and continued service. How can CSAV Systems further enhance the streaming and delivery of your services? Give us a call at 732-577-0077 to receive a FREE Analysis of your current Church audio visual system or click here to fill out our Free Systems Analysis Form. We service Churches, Houses of Worship and Religious Studios in New Jersey, New York, and other states.

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