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Published: Feb 07, 2020

Why A/V Should Be Included in Pre-Construction and Construction Plans

As technology continues to reach new limits, audio/visual solutions are becoming an essential part of day-to-day operations in any type of business or organization. Having advanced audio/visual systems integrated within your business can ultimately lead to increased productivity, better communication and connectivity, and a technologically advanced business environment. 

While we can install and service custom-designed sound and video systems for a number of markets at any stage in their business, integrating A/V within pre-construction and construction plans can allow for a highly sophisticated system, which may not yield the same results if the A/V was simply an afterthought to the project.

How to Incorporate Sound and Video System Solutions in New Building Plans

So, how do you get started with your sound and video system plan? The best time to think about A/V is within the initial and early project and design meetings. Our team works with architects, designers, electrical contractors, project managers, and executive leadership/board members to collaborate on how the A/V technologies can seamlessly fit into the new building and enhance the space.

hope towers new construction with av plans

Furthermore, incorporating A/V into your initial construction plans can yield a more cost-effective approach, by avoiding the need to make infrastructure, electrical or wiring adjustments after the construction is complete. 

We have an abundance of knowledge and experience in designing and integrating sound and video systems for new commercial building projects. At CSAV Systems, we worked with Hackensack Meridian Health during the pre-construction and construction phase of Jersey Shore Medical Center – Hope Tower. From initial project and design meetings, our team was part of a seven-year construction phase, where we collaborated with other professionals involved in this project to provide the best sound and video systems for this top tier healthcare facility.

hope towers new construction with audiovisual plans

Being brought on as an A/V Consultant during the construction phase, we were able to provide exceptional audio/visual technologies, such as assistive hearing technologies. “We integrated a sound system in the amphitheater to be augmented with an assisted hearing technology with copper wire along the entire length of the floor under the carpet. With the copper wire and assisted hearing system in place, a magnetic field is created for Hearing Aids with a Tele-coil. This allows the wearer to hear from anywhere in the space.” Because we were brought on during the construction phase, we were able to develop this unique type of assistive hearing sound system, that would not be possible to install after the construction was complete. 

CSAV Systems: Sound and Video System Consultant for Commercial Construction Projects 

Our team of Engineers, Technicians, Research and Development and an assigned Sales Consultant works together to provide custom design solutions that fits in with the hardware, software, and aesthetic design, all while meeting your technological requirements. Fitting A/V into your construction phase can save you valuable time and money while allowing for a cutting-edge A/V system with innovative and cutting-edge capabilities and opportunities.

new building construction plans with audiovisual solutions

Whether your construction phase is a year out or a five+ year process, our team at CSAV Systems can design and install the right sound and video systems that will fit best in your new facility. We are here to work with you through the steps of your design and planning process and will provide quality audio/visual systems that can elevate your new facility. “Serving with Solutions,” we offer ongoing communication and support to achieve our goal of providing custom design solutions, installations, a/v integration and continued service.

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