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Published: Apr 11, 2014

Why You Need a Digital Sound Board for Your Facility

Digital soundboards are all the rage and the nex
t natural step to upgrade a sound system.  But what does that mean in my application?  Good question.  If you have a “plug & play” sound system where you just want to flip a switch and it works with a few Microphones and maybe a source or two, then this may not be an upgrade you need at this time.

On the other hand, if you have an old soundboard and someone who runs it in your facility, you should look seriously at the latest Digital Mixing Board technologies.  There are many reasons why and they certainly sound and perform better than analog components, but here are three initial (and important) reasons why you will benefit from a new Digital mixer;

1) Remote Tablet Control: New Digital consoles (or “control surfaces”, as some tend to call them) can interface with the internet and be controlled via an iPad, Droid or another tablet (or Smartphone).  This allows the user maximum flexibility in being able to move around the listening area and adjust settlings or even run the digital mixer from the stage.  This wireless interface has many benefits that will be enjoyed with a digital upgrade.

2) Pre-Set Scenes: You just went through a long rehearsal and you finally have the sound board all set where you need it (dozens of knobs are just the way you like it).  A day or so later you walk back in the sound booth and nothing is the way you left it and the show starts in an hour.  After screaming, your options are limited.  But not with a digital board.  Setting scenes on a new digital mixer will allow you to store dozens of scenarios and with a touch of a button (and perhaps a Password entry) all your settings come back to where you need them.

3)  Post Mix Recording: Ever hear a sound (baby crying, a door creaking, a cough or two) in your recording (after an event) that you really wish was not there?  How about an instrument or vocalist that should have been louder but was lost in the live mix?  With a digital board (and the proper interface) a post sound mixing can be as easy (probably easier) as a Live Mix recording.  On a digital board, all channels can be recorded simultaneously and therefore you will have control over each channel even after the live performance.  Studios have done this style of mixing for decades, but now with digital soundboards, it can be done in your a/v booth or facility.

These are but a few of the many reasons to consider a Digital Sound Board upgrade for your A/V system.  Let CSAV Systems help you make the right choice and provide a cost-effective enhancement to your sound (and/or video) systems. 

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