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Published: Oct 15, 2021

Zoom Meeting – Tips and Tricks, Dos and Don’ts

Anyone who has used Zoom or other video conferencing systems within this past year has probably dealt with not only learning the new technology but learned how to deal with the technical issues and concerns that can come with it. Of course, no form of communication is as personable and efficient as speaking to someone face to face, but lately, it has not always been as accessible. Whether you cannot see someone face to face due to the pandemic, you are taking courses online, or you need to set up a meeting with clients who may live far, Zoom has been designed so you can have the closest thing to that face-to-face interaction.

Although many people have had the experience of working with Zoom, there are still many others who have not had the opportunity and may need to in the future. Whether that involves joining a meeting scheduled by someone else or setting up your meeting, you can interact with people through zoom by following these easy steps: 

  1. Access the zoom app or website on your computer, phone, or tablet. (Computer works best with this software)
  2. Press the “Join Meeting” button from the default screen.
  3. A screen will pop up asking you to input a meeting ID or the personal link name for you to type in.
  4. Press the join button to join the meeting.
    1. For setting up your meeting, all you need to do is click “Host a Meeting” and you can choose between having your video on, video off, or screen sharing only. Once you set your preference, your meeting will be set up and you can add guests via a link or through the access code it provides.

Of course, once you have begun your session on zoom, you might run into technical problems whether that be an internet connection, camera/mic issues, etc. If this happens to you, do not panic! It is normal for things like this to happen. To help avoid these problems, always make sure you are in an environment with good service, that your zoom is up to date on its’ software, and that you mute yourself when you are not speaking so that others will have an easier time listening to the person who is talking.

It is always beneficial to understand and follow Zoom etiquette, and that you are as professional as you would be in a face-to-face meeting. Here are some common dos and don’ts to follow while you are participating in a Zoom meeting.

  • DO: Dress appropriately for your meetings. You should be dressing the same way you would if you were to meet in person.
  • DO: Make sure you are in a private environment with no distractions. It may be a challenge to focus from the comfort of your own home, but it is beneficial to have meetings in a quiet, distraction-free room so you can focus.
  • DO: Mute yourself when you are not speaking. This can avoid echoes, occasional background noise, or any other interruptions that may occur.
  • DON’T: Forget to take yourself off mute when you are ready to speak/respond. When speaking in person, there is no mute button. You will likely get caught up in a conversation and forget that you are even on mute! 
  • DON’T: Be late. Just like in person, it could be extremely distracting and unprofessional to join a zoom session late.
  • DON’T: Put private messages in the zoom chat. This could be a huge distraction. If you are trying to reach out to one person in the zoom meeting, it is a good idea to message them separately and not through the public zoom chat. Everyone in the call will get notifications to the message and be able to see it, which could easily take everyone’s attention away from the person who is speaking.

By following all these tips, you should be able to successfully host, join, and participate in a zoom meeting with your colleagues, clients, students, and more.

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