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Published: Aug 06, 2021

Assisted Living A/V Technology You Should Be Investing In for Your Facility

Is your Assisted Living Facility up to date with all its audiovisual systems? Revolutionize your facility with the help of specialized audiovisual technologies. The overall patient experience at your facility should be enhanced by your media. CSAV Systems can help design and install the A/V requirements your facility calls for.

Take a closer look below at how AV technologies can benefit your Assisted Living Facility, Adult Community, or Retirement Home. 

Large Screen Projection Systems/Ceiling Mounted Projectors  

Ceiling mounted projectors will be able to provide your Assisted Living facility with not only help with entertainment purposes but for educational purposes as well. A projection screen is a huge resource to have in your facility when it benefits both staff and patients. For staff, projector screens are useful for displaying important information during staff meetings or training. While for patients, a projection screen is a great tool to have when trying to entertain patients with perhaps a movie or game night. 

Paging and Intercom Systems 

Ensuring your staff can quickly and efficiently contact each other within your facility is crucial, especially in the case of an emergency. Provide your staff the option of having one on one communications with intercom systems while also having the power to reach a large audience through paging systems. Having the correct form of communication throughout your building is imperative to having a functional team. CSAV Systems can install a custom-designed sound system that best caters to your facility.  

Video Surveillance

Help protect your patients and staff by implementing a video surveillance system within your facility. Cameras can be installed inside or outside, securing all areas of your facility. CSAV Systems is here to ensure that you receive the highest quality video surveillance system that helps keep your patients and staff safe. 

AV in Construction and Renovation Plans within Your Assisted Living Facility

When construction in your facility arises, it is highly beneficial when A/V is included in your pre-construction plans. Having advanced audio/visual systems integrated into your facility leads to better communication, connectivity, and productivity.  Integrating A/V in pre-construction and construction plans allows our team to install a highly sophisticated system. Our team is here to work with you through the design and planning process that will elevate your facility with quality audio/visuals systems

Contact CSAV Systems for a Free Systems Analysis

CSAV Systems can provide the right audio/visual solutions for your assisted living facility, adult community, or retirement home in New Jersey, New York City, and other states. Installing high-quality paging systems, video surveillance, mounted projectors and screens will help advance your assisted living facility. CSAV Systems can custom design A/V for your facility while meeting your technology requirements. Give us a call today at 732-577-0077 or click here for a Free Systems Analysis.  

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