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Published: Oct 15, 2021

Must-Have A/V Technology in your Library

When you think of a library one of the first things that come to mind is peace and quiet. Libraries are a great space to go when you are looking for a silent space to focus on work or studying or whatever it may be. Whether it is a public library or university library, it is important your space is soundproof and provides the resources others may need.

Sound Masking

Sound masking is a specific noise amplified throughout your facility to blend loud, undesired noises into your environment. This is used to reduce noises that would usually be floating around your space. 

Video Walls

Video walls are used to advertise messages on a larger platform, making it easier for people to see or read. LED video walls can be installed and displayed in areas, such as study centers and lounge areas, study halls, play areas for children.

Interactive / High-Definition Display Screens

Interactive and igh-definition display screens are imperative for study areas. This gives students or studiers the ability to pull their notes up on a large screen and zoom-in where needed or add additional notes on the screen.

Acoustical Treatment

Acoustical treatments can help eliminate the echoes, reverberations, or other sound issues in various spaces. This can eliminate your acoustic problems, giving you the sound dampening that you are looking for.

The above-listed solutions are just the beginning of what CSAV Systems has to offer Libraries.

Our solutions are custom design-build audio and video systems that are created to work specifically for your space, your staff, and your visitors. Our audio/visual technologies can transform the learning experience for everyone that walks in by creating new ways to present and interact with all facets of information.

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