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Serving & Supporting Essential Businesses
in New Jersey During COVID-19

As we continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the health and safety of our staff and clients is of the utmost importance to us. We are deeply focused on our preparedness efforts to maintain a safe work environment for our entire team, and to sustain our business procedures to keep your business operational. In an effort to promote social distancing, businesses are turning to technology as a way to stay connected amidst COVID-19. More than ever, businesses are relying on webinars, live streaming, video conferencing and other video communication technologies.

A Message From Our Team to Yours During COVID-19

How Can Your Business Benefit From Video Communication?

Our staff at CSAV Systems is committed to serving the essential businesses that are operating during COVID-19. When business’ day to day operations have become completely remote, CSAV Systems is here to provide various video communication systems that keeps your business connected to its audience, clients, employees or students. We Provide Custom Design, Installation, A/V Integration, Service & Support for businesses such as Medical Facilities, Houses of Worship, Municipalities, Funeral Homes, Corporate Offices, Education Facilities and Supermarkets during COVID-19.

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Churches and Houses of Worship

Share religious messages and sermons with your audience from anywhere in the world through live streaming systems. While Houses of Worship may be physically closed as a result of COVID-19, services are still being held virtually and messages of hope and faith are being communicated to millions via live streaming systems.

Our team at CSAV Systems is here to provide equipment for live streaming systems, installation, A/V integration, as well as support and training on how to use the systems seamlessly.

audio visual and live streaming services for churches

Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and other Medical Professionals are in constant communication with one another to address treatments, share medical knowledge and healthcare updates or news. Having professional videoconferencing solutions installed and implemented in your meeting and conference rooms within your medical facility can strengthen the medical professionals’ ability to improve learning, certifications and provide treatments.

During COVID-19, CSAV Systems has assisted our Hospital Clients with videoconferencing technologies to support critical communications between hospital communities.

healthcare facilities and hospitals audiovisual systems

Funeral Homes

In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, funeral homes across the nation have introduced live streaming as a way for people to be connected and virtually present during the funeral service of a loved one. With the right technology solutions, funeral homes can bring family and friends together to pay their respects to the passing of a loved one, when physical gatherings are not permitted.

At CSAV Systems, we can provide live streaming and webcasting solutions for your funeral home. We are here to train you on how to properly use the live streaming system, so that it is simple for your employees to control, when services and memorials need to be livestreamed.

audiovisual system for funeral homes


Daily news conferences and briefings are still regularly held, as local government leaders are constantly communicating COVID-19 updates to the public. With these critical messages communicated to hundreds of thousands of homes, it is imperative that the sound, video, and videoconferencing within your municipality are of a high quality, so that the public can hear and see important messages clearly.

At CSAV Systems, we are working with many municipalities throughout the state of New Jersey to offer sound, video and teleconferencing systems, in order for local leaders to communicate with one another effectively and safely across town and county lines. 

audiovisual solutions for government institutions

Education Facilities

While schools may have closed their doors, lessons are still being taught, students are still learning and teachers are readily available to provide the support that their students need. Remote learning has become the new normal for both elementary and higher education facilities. Through webinars, teachers have the ability to connect with their students and can communicate their lessons to students from the comfort of their homes.

At CSAV Systems, we provide webinar solutions and videoconferencing systems for schools and education facilities. 

audiovisual solutions for education facilities

Corporate Offices

As corporate office employees are working from home, it is imperative for corporate businesses to have quality webinar and videoconferencing systems in place. Through webinar solutions, your employees can continue their learning and certifications during COVID-19.

Webinar solutions can also allow for your business to communicate with their clients and can help you inform your clients or prospective clients on your business products and services. 

corporate audiovisual solutions

Supermarkets and Pharmacies

As an essential business, supermarkets and pharmacies remain open amidst COVID-19 to provide the public with daily necessities, medication, and other health related products. Having the right video surveillance cameras both inside and outside your store will allow for managers to keep and eye on the safety of both employees and customers.

At CSAV Systems we provide video surveillance cameras for your essential business, as well as other A/V systems, such as PA and Intercom and Digital Signage.

audiovisual solutions for supermarkets

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As we continue to navigate through changes within business operations and communications, our team is here to support our clients who have essential needs.  We are actively tracking new technologies to help communicate your messages to your team or client base. At CSAV Systems, we provide video communication systems and traditional sound and video systems for businesses in New Jersey. 

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