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Published: Mar 27, 2020

Launch Into Video Communication – A Way to Connect in Light of Covid-19

In response to COVID-19, the way we work, learn, communicate and socialize has been altered. Day-to-day routines and society functions are being affected, as we practice social distancing. When face-to-face communication has become limited, digital technologies such as live streaming systems have become the new normal way for people to come together and connect with colleagues, teachers, classmates, clients, congregations and religious leaders, friends and families and so much more.

Live Streaming and Videoconferencing: The World’s Virtual Meeting Room

Simply put, live streaming is a virtual place where you can not only broadcast live events, meetings, and gatherings, but you can also share these special events and meetings with others – no matter where you are in the world. From corporate businesses and education facilities to government facilities, municipalities and non-profit organizations, businesses everywhere are tuning in to live streaming and videoconferencing platforms to continue business operations and communications through virtual mediums. 

Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube are just a few popular remote video platforms that businesses, organizations, schools, and religious facilities are utilizing during COVID-19. There is a full range of live streaming solutions and videoconferencing, depending on your business requirements. Understanding whether you need a simple technology solution or a more sophisticated streaming system can help you decide on the right type of solution for your business. So, how can you decide what platform is best for you and your business? We are here to break-down each streaming platform for you:

Streaming Platforms for Live Streaming & Teleconferencing

zoom video conferencingZoom

From virtual family gatherings to critical videoconferencing business meetings, Zoom can be your go-to video communication platform bringing large groups of people together, as if they are all together in one room. Host a meeting or webinar, network, celebrate, pray, play and exercise – all through Zoom. In the times of COVID-19, Zoom is a crucial telehealth platform, where doctors can communicate and diagnose and treat patients.

At CSAV Systems, our team works with corporate offices to install and provide A/V integration for systems such as Zoom. We continue assisting Hospital Clients with videoconferencing technologies for critical communications and support the government with live streaming systems for press conferences and briefings.

google hangouts live streaming and teleconferencingGoogle Hangouts Meet

While schools and education facilities are closed, learning must continue. Google Hangouts Meet opens the door for virtual learning, where it provides teachers with a way to message, video chat and update assignments. It also is easy for students and parents to navigate through and communicate with teachers seamlessly. If your education facility is looking to install a permanent virtual learning system within its school, CSAV Systems can help provide you with the right systems to meet your goals.

microsoft teams video conferencing and lives streamingMicrosoft Teams

Working remotely? Need a way to send messages instantly, host video calls or audio calls to your team? Microsoft Teams is a platform that many businesses are utilizing to carry out business operations and communications while working remotely. Our team at CSAV Systems custom designs and installs videoconferencing systems for a corporate office. We integrate systems such as Microsoft Teams and Skype that support your videoconferencing software.

Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Youtube

Looking to share the word of hope and faith to your congregation or audience? Social media platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube can serve as a Live Streaming Platform for your Religious Studio, Church or House of Worship. We provide the right equipment, cables, and encoder for your live streaming system. We train you on how to use the system with your live streaming platform, so that is as easy as press and play. 

facebook live social media live streaming

Other businesses with a large social media following, such as aquariums and zoos are also utilizing virtual tours of their facilities through Facebook and Instagram Live. Fitness studios and instructors are promoting exercise, by hosting fitness classes on social media platforms. Using Facebook Live or Instagram Live is a free and easy to use and easy to access platform for so many business professionals. 

How Can CSAV Systems Help Optimize Video Communication in Your Business? 

At CSAV Systems, our team is here to provide custom design, installationsupport and service of live streaming systems for your business facility. Today, video communication can serve so many purposes for organizations and have such a positive impact on society. Our team is committed to carrying out high priority work for critical business communications through live streaming systems and videoconferencing systems. How can we help your business advance in technological and remote communication capabilities? Call us today for a Free Systems Analysis

Founded in 2005, CSAV Systems is the leader in the professional sound, video and teleconferencing industry. “Serving with Solutions,” we are innovators who design and provide commercial institutions with dynamic, user-friendly and cutting-edge sound and video systems. We service thousands of clients in New Jersey, New York City, and other states. 

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