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Published: Mar 25, 2022

The Importance of Sound Enhancement for Your Business

It is crucial to have the best sound quality possible when running a business. Enhanced sound quality produces better communication, thus higher work productivity and positive customer service. Whether workers are struggling to hear a phone call over a crowded coffee shop or wasting time asking “What?” at the start of a videoconference from home, bad sound quality steals time that would otherwise be spent getting things done. Quality sound removes distractions, allowing customers and employees to focus on what is being said. 

Inferior quality sound experiences can cause consumers to focus on the distractions, hindering their experience whether they are trying to listen to background music, follow a movie, or tune into a video-conferencing call. 

In addition to the time that is lost while employees go back and forth asking whether they can hear each other, poor audio quality can cause real miscommunications that undermine an organization’s work. For example, when people mishear important instructions or misunderstand someone’s tone, the result is a bad customer experience that hurts the company’s reputation. According to EPOS, 20% of audio-technology end users say they have experienced dissatisfied clients because of poor sound quality, with 18% of respondents adding that they have missed a key deadline or lost a piece of work.

High-Quality Sound Complements Other Media Elements

If your sound quality is subservient, it can negatively affect other media that you are using, for example, video, resulting in an overall ineffective experience even when you are invested in numerous resources. Often, the source of these sound problems lies in outdated audio equipment and an inefficient process for purchasing new tools.     

Overall, audio systems reinforce the desired sound being presented to make it louder, clearer and distributed evenly to the audience. Sound reinforcement is necessary to make sure that your sound is being heard clearly by all who visit your facility. When music or speech may be going there can be a multitude of things happening that can detract from what people are supposed to be hearing.

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