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Published: Mar 25, 2021

The Many Benefits of AV for the Healthcare Industry

Audiovisual technology has helped to revolutionize many industries and the healthcare industry is no exception. The same technologies that have allowed businesses and schools to operate while navigating COVID-19 protocols, needing to socially distance, hold virtual meetings, and teaching distance learning can also benefit hospitals, medical offices, and even operating rooms. 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how AV technologies can benefit the healthcare industry.

AV Technologies Allow for a New Approach to Patient Care

Real-time collaborative technologies allow providers to expand their practice to offer telemedicine appointments for patients who are uncomfortable visiting the office, or who are required to quarantine. 

Today many insurance providers cover virtual doctor visits. These visits benefit the patient by reducing wait times and giving them easy access to their providers. For doctors, providing virtual care allows them to treat even more patients without sacrificing on the quality of care. 

Due to COVID-19, more patients are opting to schedule telemedicine appointments, making this a technology medical offices should prioritize implementing. These teleconferencing technologies can also allow doctors to perform their rounds virtually in hospitals. 

Technologies Enable Healthcare Workers to Collaborate Better 

The ability to collaborate with other medical professionals allows healthcare providers to work together on patient cases, providing consultations, getting second opinions, or allowing a pharmacist to have a remote consultation with a doctor. 

Additionally, digital video capturing and streaming capabilities enable physicians and emergency medical to collaborate in real-time if necessary, which in certain cases can be the difference between life or death.

Providing your staff the ability to collaborate and organize electronic medical records (EMRs) will make your facility more efficient. Plus, AV technology enables your staff to better secure, organize, and even share important treatment information such as EMRs, videos of procedures, x-rays, cat scans, and more.

Healthcare Facilities Can Disseminate Information Quicker

Digital signage is a great way to answer common questions, provide visitors with vital information or navigation, and even provide two-way video communication. 

Hospital or large facilities can use digital signage to make announcements, reinforce COVID safety protocols, and direct visitors to the appropriate office. 

Additionally, digital signage can also feature touch-screen interaction or even feature two-way video collaboration depending on your facility’s needs.

Technologies Can Be Used for Trainings and in Schools 

Using technology to advance the knowledge and understanding of medical procedures using visual capabilities helps to increase the quality and efficiency of training for physicians, nurses, and medical students. 

Medical simulation labs in hospitals can utilize sound and video technologies to provide proper oversight and review of medical personnel in these critical applications and situations. In schools, they allow medical trainers to oversee the trainings, even if they are unable to physically be present.

Having a state-of-the-art medical simulation lab for new students, new employees, and experienced employees is imperative because they need the experience to be as close as it can be to feeling like a real-life situation. This can be provided with the use of cameras, monitors, controllers, and recorders.

Audiovisual systems for conferences and trainings empower healthcare facilities to keep their staff well-trained and up-to-date on the most current medical procedures and medical technologies, even when that staff can’t gather in the same room.

Technology Can Keep Your Patients and Staff Safer

Implementing video surveillance systems will help protect your patients, staff, and medical equipment by allowing your security team keep a close eye on everything with up-to-date video surveillance cameras and video surveillance systems. 

Improve the Overall Patient Experience

All of the healthcare audiovisual technologies discussed in this blog add up to a better overall patient experience. These technologies make patients feel safer, have better access to their doctors, and empower doctors and medical staff to work more efficiently.

Contact Us Today to Implement New Technologies in Your Healthcare Facility

CSAV Systems is here to provide the right audio/visual solutions for your healthcare facility in New Jersey, New York City, and other states. Installing high-quality teleconferencing technology, digital signage, paging systems, video surveillance, or video walls will help advance your medical office, hospital, or other healthcare facility. 

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