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Published: Apr 18, 2019

5 Questions to Ask Before Your Easter Service

Easter is just around the corner and as the holiday nears we want to make sure your House of Worship is the perfect environment to host your congregation. From sound systems to projection systems, or even overflow rooms with live streaming, CSAV wants to help you best prepare for the holiday, so here are some questions to ask yourself before you host your congregation…

Will Everyone Within Your Service Hear You Clearly and Be Able to Connect With Your Sermon?

A religious service can’t be effective if your congregation is unable to clearly hear your message, so make sure you properly prepare with the appropriate microphones and speakers. Whether it is wireless handhelds, goose-neck microphones for a podium or hanging microphones, we have every solution to help you upgrade your system. Additionally, we can provide speakers that sound crisp and clear, but also are aesthetically pleasing to the religious structure.

If You Have Screens or Projection Systems, Will All Members in Attendance Be Able to Easily See Them?

Some Houses of Worship enjoy having projection screens or monitors mounted at the front of their sanctuary, whether it’s to project lyrics, stream videos or even to display the transcript of the sermon to help those who are hard of hearing. If you are using visual technology such as the examples above, you want to have the highest quality technology, so your members can clearly see the crisp content being displayed on the platforms.

Are You Having Connectivity Problems and is Your Church Sound Booth Working Properly?

Microphones and projection systems aren’t beneficial to a House of Worship if they aren’t properly working. Let us help you ensure your Easter service won’t be stressful for you or unenjoyable for your congregation. Wiring and connectivity are little things to worry about, but they are the components that can make or break the functionality of a system.

church audiovisual systemsAdditionally, when designing your church sound booth you’ll want to make sure the soundboard controls are working correctly because a religious service is mostly about audio, from the sermon to the live singers or even videos being projected, it only takes one wrong connection or one untrained staff member to negatively impact the service.

Does the Music Within Your Church Reverberate Off the Walls?

Music can play a key part in a religious service, as singing is a great way for the congregation to connect with others around them. Acoustical treatments are a good consideration when it comes to church acoustics. Although you want the music to travel through the church, you don’t want it bouncing off the walls and making more noise for your congregation members. Ensure your music will be heard crisply and clearly at your Easter service by taking the proper preparation for your House of Worship. CSAV Systems custom-designs each AV solution to fit the structure and characteristics of each House of Worship because we want to help you look and sound better.

Do You Have An Overflow Room Where Members of the Congregation Can Reside if There is an Overcrowded Service? Does This Room Offer the Same Experience as if Within the Sanctuary?

Due to Easter being such a popular time of the year, different Houses of Worship may experience an excess of members in attendance at the holiday services. This overflow is a good thing, especially if you have an overflow room – a location where those who would not be able to stand in the main sanctuary can reside to experience the service. From this room, you can ensure the members of your congregation experience the service as if they were in the main sanctuary with the installation of monitors, speakers, and even microphones. Streaming the live service and offering a two-way microphone system in the overflow room are only two of the numerous ways you can help the excluded attendees feel more included.

AV Solutions CSAV Systems offers for Houses of Worship:

Sound Systems
Projection Systems
Acoustical Treatments
Camera Systems
Live Streaming
Digital Signage
Assistive Hearing Systems
Paging & Intercom Abilities

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