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Published: Aug 17, 2020

The Best Technology Solutions for your School Environment During COVID-19

As the school year approaches, the unknowns can be a challenge. Whether your school year will be offering in-class instruction, virtual learning, or a hybrid classroom – CSAV Systems is here to take away any technology obstacles that you are faced with by offering the best technology solutions for your school’s environment during COVID-19. 

CSAV Systems can work with your elementary school, middle school, high school, private school, colleges and universities to provide installation, service, and support for A/V systems and COVID Ready Solutions. 

COVID Ready Solutions for In-Class Learning 

As you welcome your students, faculty, and staff back to school, how can you effectively monitor the health and safety of all those who enter in your school? Our team at CSAV Systems continues to provide innovative solutions that can guide and inform everyone walking through your facility.

We are offering Touchless Temperature Screenings, Facial and Face Mask Recognition, and COVID Ready Entry Digital Signage Displays. As students and staff enter into your schools’ entryways, you can easily monitor the groups or individual’s temperature, as they walk through the building through both entryway thermal imaging cameras and touchless temperature screening.  

Technology Solutions for Your School’s Entryways

With contactless thermal imaging cameras, your security and administrative staff can easily monitor temperatures of groups or individuals as they walk through your entrances. Touchless temperature screenings and facial and face mask technologies can also help regulate your access points and provide security for those who enter in your school.

Digital signage displays installed within your school’s entryways and throughout populated areas can also help remind and reinforce your school’s social distancing protocols, face mask requirements, and additional regulations put forth by your school district, local, and state guidelines. 

COVID Ready Solutions for Hybrid and Virtual Learning

As you introduce new plans for hybrid and virtual learning, technology solutions such as live streaming and video conferencing systems are vital to ensuring an effective way for teachers and students to stay connected.

CSAV Systems can provide virtual student solutions to allow for a secure and safe way for educators to record and share their lessons with students, from wherever they are learning. You can offer one-on-one video calls, classroom management to ensure that your students are actively present and engaged during the allotted class times, as well as screen-sharing and lesson recording.

Our team at CSAV Systems can install custom virtual student solutions that can integrate with current systems to provide in-room hardware and virtual platforms. 

CSAV Systems: Sound, Video and Live Streaming Solutions for Education Facilities 

Whether your school plans to open for in-class learning or is introducing hybrid classrooms and virtual learning, CSAV Systems is here to help ensure a safe, healthy, and effective environment for your students, faculty, and staff.

With new and innovative audio/visual and live streaming solutions – CSAV Systems can provide custom design solutions and A/V integration to support your school’s plans of instruction for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. We work with K-8 Schools, High Schools, Private Schools, Community Colleges, and 4-Year Universities in New Jersey, New York, and other states.

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