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Published: Dec 09, 2021

Different Levels of Conference Room Technologies

There are a few main components of AV, which are display screens, microphones, cameras, and speakers. Just like any good recipe, you need your main ingredients: 


Displays are the first thing people notice when they walk into the room, it is the “visual” part of “audio-visual”. More importantly, it is the main collaboration tool. Displays enable you to screen share, show presentations, see your remote colleagues, and so much more. Having high-resolution visuals is key to having a functional conference room. The look and functionality of these systems can create a strong first impression of your business to your target market.  

Video Conferencing Capabilities

Video conferencing is becoming more popular every day. Video conferencing is a feature in almost every conference room today, providing the ability to collaborate everywhere. Businesses are on calls with clients and offsite employees all day long. It is important to have a system that is compatible with those you are trying to be in contact with. 

Microphones / Speakers

It is difficult to host a meeting when nobody can hear you. With the right microphone set-up, your meeting can go smoothly and in one-take. Microphones are an important part of your conference room audio-visual. Microphones can be held in your hand, mounted on the tables, or hanging from the ceiling. Microphone setup can also reduce echo in the room, drowning out feedback, and lower noises heard by other participants in the room.

Control Systems

AV Control systems are exactly how they sound. It is a specific device that connects all the different types of audio-visual equipment. This allows you to control all the devices in the room through one interface. This removes the need for a stack of control panels and long cables and losing remote controls. AV control systems allow you to turn systems on and off, provide one streamlined control system, control speakers and volumes, and many other things!

Update Your Conference Room Today

Having access to quality conference room systems is only meaningful when it is easy to use. Our systems and software are created with the user in mind. CSAV Systems is here to provide solutions for your business. Serving with Solutions, our team is here to help your business’ sound and video systems run smoothly. Our team of certified technicians can service, provide recommendations and technology updates for your existing sound and video systems.

 At CSAV Systems, we can service your audio/visual systems, whether you are an existing client or not. With CSAV Systems Managed Service Agreements, we find the solutions to your audiovisual problems before they even arise.

We offer custom package options for you depending on the size, scope, and needs of your facility. Under a service plan tier, our team and technicians respond to problems efficiently and effectively.

If you’re ready to begin integrating technology into your conference space to create a digital workplace, contact CSAV Systems today. We’ll begin with a systems analysis to determine the best technology to fit your needs and support your digital workplace and create a plan to begin to implement that technology into your building and get it to your remote workers. 

 Call us at 732-577-0077 or contact us to Request Service.

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